Out of time, Carille makes few adjustments at Santos before his debut

With no time for training, coach Fábio Carille makes few adjustments at Santos before his debut against Bahia next Saturday, in Vila Belmiro, for the 20th round of the Brazilian Championship.

On Thursday afternoon, in his first activity, the coach only made a technical change: Jean Mota left and Lucas Braga joined.

“The fans can expect a well-organized team. I will change very little, also because we have little time for Saturday’s game, then a few days for the decision against Athletico. But little by little I want to bring to the team what I think about football,” said Carille, in her introduction.

Tactically, however, Carille changed the scheme to 4-1-4-1: Camacho was the first “1”, Marcos Guilherme opened on the right, Lucas Braga opened on the left, Carlos Sánchez and Gabriel Pirani in the frame and Léo Baptistão in the center forward .

Fábio Carille’s idea is to give more support to the defensive four-line with the help of Marcos and Braga from the sides and to stimulate the frame in the middle with Sánchez close to Pirani and Baptistão.

Carille will still lead a training session before Bahia, but the likely lineup is as follows: João Paulo, Pará, Robson, Wagner Palha and Felipe Jonatan; Camacho; Marcos Guilherme, Carlos Sánchez, Gabriel Pirani and Lucas Braga; Leo Baptistão.

The coach asked for a defensive midfielder because he sees Camacho as the second defensive midfielder. For now, however, Camacho has trained as the “head of the area”. The coach will look for an alternative to Athletico on Tuesday, in Vila Belmiro, as the player cannot play for Santos in the Copa do Brasil. Baptistão is another one who was not enrolled in time.

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