Pacheco praises, Doria says ‘lion turned mouse’ and Haddad doesn’t trust retreat: reactions to Bolsonaro’s note

Politicians reacted, through social networks, to the statement released on Thursday 9 in which the president Jair Bolsonaro retreats from the coup threats uttered on the 7th of September.

In the text, Bolsonaro affirms that he did not intend “to attack any of the Powers”, two days after encouraging civil disobedience to decisions of the Supreme Court. During a speech in São Paulo, he also directly offended Minister Alexandre de Moraes, whom he called a “scoundrel”, and said that the President of the Court, Luiz Fux, should “frame him”, under penalty of the Judiciary “suffering what we don’t want”.

“I want to declare that my words, at times blunt, were the result of the heat of the moment and the clashes that were always aimed at the common good”, says an excerpt of the text signed by Bolsonaro on Thursday. He also praised the “qualities [de Moraes] as a jurist and professor”.

The president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-RG), praised the wording. “President Jair Bolsonaro’s declaration to the nation, even affirming that ‘harmony between the Powers is a constitutional determination that everyone, without exception, must respect’, is in line with what most Brazilians expect,” he wrote.

“Respect between the Powers, obedience to the Constitution and commitment to hard work in favor of the country’s development. This is what Brazil needs and that we will continue to defend”, said Pacheco.

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