Patrícia Abravanel defends Bolsonaro and says against impeachment

Patrícia Abravanel starred in a scene that is causing controversy on social media. Silvio Santos’ daughter number four he doesn’t like the way some people are dealing with the current political situation in Brazil. In addition to defending the President of the Republic, the presenter defended the journalism done by the SBT.

This Thursday morning (09), during the broadcast of the program “Vem Pra Cá”, Patrícia Abravanel made a point of making her opinion very clear about one of the most talked about issues in the newspapers. Live, the presenter of the morning attraction reacted to the stoppage being made by truck drivers and took the opportunity to say that she is against Bolsonaro’s impeachment.

It all started when the program was covering the truck drivers case. Soon after, Patrícia said that the stoppage is spontaneous and took the opportunity to say that she disagrees with all those who favor the president’s departure from power. According to the presenter, the impeachment will only have one objective: to delay Brazil.

Indignant with the comments that Silvio Santos’ station obeys orders and “hands off” Jair Bolsonaro, Patrícia didn’t spare words and came out in defense of the journalism that is done by the SBT. According to her, the journalistic work made by the São Paulo station does not have a political side, defining it as exempt.

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Patrícia highlighted that the station is on the side of the people and not of political parties. She completed by saying that Bolsonaro is in power, as he was elected by the people: “We don’t have parties, we are in favor of what the people want. The people elected the president, just as in the other election they elected Dilma. Our journalism here is exempt”.

Properly dressed in yellow clothes, the daughter of Silvio Santos continued her speech and spoke about the pro-Bolsonaro demonstrations, which took place this Tuesday (7th) in a large part of the country. Patrícia doubted the figures released, stating the approximate number of protesters who took to the streets.

It didn’t take long and the presenter of electronic magazine “Vem Pra Cá” returned to defending Bolsonaro. Patricia Abravanel said that removing the president from power will make the situation even worse: “Bolsonaro enters this scenario saying ‘calm down’. The people have to understand that impeachment will only delay Brazil, leave the country in a worse situation. The ideal is to solve this in Brasília”.

It is noteworthy that Silvio Santos’ daughter is married to Fábio Faria, who holds the position of Minister of Communications under Jair Bolsonaro’s administration. On the days of the demonstrations, on September 7, the presenter had no reaction when she showed an interviewee asking for the President of the Republic to leave and calling him a live genocide.

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