Paulinho’s Widow, from Clothes Nova, announces that she is pregnant – Famous

Widow of Paulinho, from the Clothing Nova, announces the vocalist’s pregnancy (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

At 54 years old, Elaine Soares Bastos, widow of Paulo Cesar Santos, popularly known as Paulinho, lead singer of the group New clothes, surprised followers by announcing that she is pregnant with her first child with the musician, who died a victim of Covid-19 in december of 2020.

on your profile on Instagram, Elaine she told that the pregnancy was a gift for the artist, who would turn 69 last Monday (06/09). They had a 16-year common-law marriage but never had children.

To perform the procedure, she used frozen gametes from Paulinho, which would have collected after the discovery of cancer.

“This is the biggest birthday present for both of us. Remember the gametes we froze and that I’m the only one allowed to use? Yeah. Soon our baby will be here. My best gift. Thank you daddy,” read the publication of Elaine.

Her profile on the social network is locked, and the psychologist used a photo of a pregnant woman to illustrate her post.

the pregnancy of Elaine takes place in the midst of a legal dispute involving the inheritance left by Paulinho, and the search for recognition of the stable union that it had with the singer, to be included in the division of assets.

Twigg de Souza Santos and Pedro Paulo Castor dos Santos, sons of the musician, did not include it in the inventory on the division of assets.

Peter filed a lawsuit in 7th Probate and Orphans Court of TJRJ, on December 16 of last year, to enter the inventory of the artist’s assets. In the process, he also enabled his sister, Twigg.