Piquet says that president is the salvation of Brazil: ‘I am Bolsonaro until death’

Credit: AFP

Nelson Piquet led Presidential Rolls-Royce (Credit: AFP)

Former driver Nelson Piquet returned to publicly defending Jair Bolsonaro. On September 7 he drove the presidency car during the president’s parade in Brasília. And now he said that the politician is “Brazil’s salvation”.

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Piquet ignored suspicions of corruption in Bolsonaro’s government and family, saying the president is an example of fighting corruption.

“I’m a fan of his for stopping this incredible robbery in the country. Today, you see this. The press doesn’t say any of this. I became his fan. I met him, he invited me to lunch and we got along well. I never got involved in politics in my life, today I am Bolsonaro until death. If we don’t help him, if the people don’t help him, I think he’s the salvation of Brazil,” said Piquet during the program Agora com Lacombe, on Rede TV.

Piquet said Bolsonaro is working to improve the country, but he did not highlight any concrete and specific action by the president.

“Everyone is united to try to solve the problems, with the people united. It is amazing what he is going through and everything he is doing for Brazil. It is also impressive that leftists speak a different lie every day, but the truth always prevails”, concluded the former pilot.

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