Presenter was unhappy after ‘BBB 20’

The presenter Tiago Leifert stated that the decision to leave TV Globo began to be discussed after “BBB 20”, after “not celebrating” the results of the edition.

In an interview with Ana Maria Braga, Leifert said that he left open the possibility of presenting “The Voice Brasil” this year, but his foot was already stamped on the way out.

In February this year, still warming up for “BBB 21”, the presenter denied rumors that he would leave the command of the attraction at least twice.

My big epiphany last year, pandemic, my pregnant wife, I got home and she says the show was spectacular. She asked if I was happy. No. Because I didn’t do more than my obligation to give an audience. It could have been that day. She said if she was going to celebrate, but only in May. But I didn’t celebrate in May, I was worried about the other one. I’m going to look at my mission at Globo and I got it, it worked. That’s what I think of me. Last year when I said it was a shock, it didn’t leak, but they understood. James Leifert

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BBB 21: Tiago Leifert cries at BBB final

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On February 12, he used his Instagram account to once again debunk rumors that he would step down from the helm of the reality show. The presenter recorded several Stories stating that he has no information about any kind of meeting to talk about an exit from the attraction.

Guys, again, I didn’t ask to leave, I didn’t meet with anyone. Nothing happened. My God in heaven, I deny it and people want to know more than me where I was on Tuesday. What a crazy thing,” he said at the time

The decision to leave was already known to Globo’s top management. Leifert did not want to say goodbye to “Super Dança dos Famosos” and agreed to make “The Voice Brasil”, a program that marked his debut in entertainment.

I talked to the company, they were very nice, they were wonderful to me from the beginning. The Marinho family, they understand me. I was in the middle of the pandemic. I spoke with my wife, Globo needs me there and let’s go together. A year from now we talk again. I forgot about it, I dived into the Big 21, everyone was talking about the Big 20, historic. The 20 is the beginning of a format, the 21 is the consecration of a format. !00 days in madness. The beginning, every rocket launch, exiting the naval atmosphere and entering is very difficult. The first three weeks are very difficult. In the last three weeks, people tend to screw up. The team knows each other and we know how to hold this game. As much as we had problems with Karol and Lucas, never leaving that. My story was: in July, I decide whether to stay at Globo or leave Globo. James Leifert

Then Leifert was called up to replace Faustão and ended up staying until Luciano Huck’s debut with the new ‘Caldeirão’.

The new presenters of “BBB” and “The Voice Brasil” are yet to be announced by Globo.

I wasn’t going to say goodbye live because I got a gift from Globo. ‘The Voice’ wasn’t in my contract, I would do ‘BBB 21’ and talk later. But they wanted to and come on, I love the team. James Leifert

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