Presidente do Galo: ‘we will use the injunction if Flamengo does. This is equality’

Sérgio Coelho stated that the Rio de Janeiro club is one of Atlético’s main competitors on the three fronts that compete in 2021

Atlético’s president was categorical. If Flamengo uses the injunction obtained through the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) to play with the public, Rooster will use the same artifice, as it also has the injunction.

On the morning of Friday (10), the Atletico representative stated that it is equality to do the same thing that Flamengo is thinking of doing, since the Rio de Janeiro club is a great competitor of Galo in the three fronts they dispute.

“As Flamengo requested an injunction to the STRJD to play with fans, Atlético did the same. We would only use the injunction if Flamengo uses it. If Flamengo plays with the public, Atlético will do it too. We think this is equality. Atlético and Flemish compete for the three points”, declared Sérgio Coelho.

The manager preferred not to comment on Flamengo’s attitude in being against the clubs’ decision to only return with the public to the stadiums after 80% of the cities of the respective clubs had given permission for the fans to return to the stadiums.

“The decision was taken by Flamengo. I don’t want to criticize or comment on it. Atlético made an appropriate decision, which was taken by the referee. But we won’t be watching one of our main competitors in the championships using an injunction to play with public and having the same injunction and not playing. I think we would stop defending the interests of the club,” he concluded.

Watch the video of Sérgio Coelho’s statements:

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