prize accumulates and reaches R$3.7 million; see numbers

With no winner, the Dupla-Sena contest 2271 accumulated. No bets were correct today (9) in any of the six dozen drawn, which made the prize for the next draw estimated at R$ 3.7 million.

The first draw of the day resulted in the following numbers: 10-09-15-21-33-40.

The second, in turn, drew: 03-18-19-25-27-38.

In the first draw, another 19 bets hit five of the dozens and made the corner. Each of them won a prize of R$4,423.96. Another 900 tickets made the court, earning a prize of R$106.73 each. The suit had 17,934 winning bets.

In the second draw, 11 bets completed the corner, taking BRL 6,877.25 each. The court awarded each of the 1,076 winning tickets with R$89.27, while 20,421 bets made the suit.

How do I enter the next Dupla-Sena draw?

You need to place a bet of six to 15 numbers on the lotteries accredited by Caixa, or on the bank’s special lottery website. Each contest draws six numbers twice, which means you have two chances to win each contest. Bets can be placed until 7pm on the day of the draw.

How much does it cost to bet on Dupla-Sena?

It depends on how many numbers you intend to put in the game. The minimum bet costs R$2.50, and you are entitled to choose six tens from 1 to 50. If you want to place an extra number to increase the chances of hitting, the price of the game goes up to R$17.50. In the most expensive scenario, with 15 numbers on the wheel, the bet can cost R$12,512.50.

And what are my chances of winning at Dupla-Sena?

This also varies depending on the amount of tens in your bet. With the smallest (R$ 2.50), of six numbers, the chance of hitting all the balls in either of the two drawings is one in 15,890,700. Playing an extra ten (R$ 17.50), the probability increases. It becomes one in 2,270,100. Anyone willing to pay more than R$12,500 in a bet with 15 tens will have a chance in 3,174 to win one of the two draws and take one of the biggest prizes.

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