Rafa Kalimann vents about cancellation and reveals: ‘I was threatened with death’ | celebrities

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Published 09/09/2021 21:31

Rio – Rafa Kalimann was moved when talking about the cancellation he faced on the internet. The ex-BBB 20 commented on the problem she had when sharing a video of pastor Claudio Duarte, who says he is against homosexual relationships.

In an interview with the podcast PodDelas, Rafa was asked about how long she managed to be away from the internet, so she recalled the fact. “One week. It’s because something really boring happened. I was cancelled. I wasn’t off by the cancellation. It was a big mistake of mine, which I fully recognized because it was in automatic mode”, he said.

“When you go into automatic mode, you don’t have perceptions that you normally have in your life. So I was sharing things without paying attention to the information. People start demanding so much, that you be present in so many things, and I don’t I know everything. I ended up hurting the other, I recognize that,” he said.

Then, she told of Claudio Duarte’s video, in which she and Caio Castro shared on social media and were canceled for it. “I shared a video, and even the first time I’m talking about it, of a pastor who was talking about gay marriage, and my view of the video was very different than what the video actually is. And I recognized that right away,” he said.

“I shared it, with the intention of showing… It’s very difficult to talk (Rafa gets emotional), precisely who uses the word to disrespect, and I’ll never agree with that. So I shared the video without paying attention to the context it actually has And I hurt a lot of people. I recognize that,” he said.

“When I posted it, my friends called me… I don’t want to talk (Rafa gets emotional again). I was very sad, because at the time my despair was having hurt the people I love, you know? It was really bad for me to live that, but I learned. I was very welcomed by my friends and I tried to learn even more. To help in any way, I have to have property to speak. So I was wrong in that”, he said.

Later, she said that she was even threatened with death in the event. “It was really heavy. It’s liberating to talk about. It’s the first time I’ve decided to speak,” he declared. Rafa also commented on the controversies with Karol Conká, who called the singer “empty”.

“I defended Thelma. I felt entitled to defend because the BBB 20 award went to Thelma. No one has the right to touch this Thelma award. I get revolted. I defended Thelminha because seeing a woman say that about another woman caused me a lot of anger”, he said.

“That was at the beginning of BBB 21. After it came out (the controversy involving Karol Conká and Rafa Kalimann). It was a funny situation because I was there at Projac, I had just met them and the audio that Karol released came out. People started to get the tweet as if I had spoken at that moment… I took it a lot later… Even today this bomb is reverberating. Because I called her empty… I apologize if I hurt Karol Conká. I have no intention of going ahead with this,” he said.