Raquel Pacheco’s husband, ex-Bruna Surfistinha, presents her twin daughters

Xico Santos, husband of Rachel Pacheco, ex-Bruna Surfistinha, made a post on his Instagram this Thursday (9) showing for the first time the couple’s twins, Elis and Maria, who were born on the last day 3.

The artist celebrated the birth of his daughters and said that one of the babies, Elis, had to stay in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) to gain weight.

“Our family was born! First our Maria, 44 cm and 2,100 kg. Two minutes later came our Elis, 44 cm and 1,835 kg. Maria has since stayed with us in the room, cradling our sleepless nights. Elis, already showing that her strength goes beyond her name, had to stay in the ICU to gain weight (according to the doctors, it is normal to be born with little weight in gamelar gestation)”, says Xico.

Raquel’s husband reveals that having to leave his daughter in the ICU left the couple afflicted, but that the daughter has reacted well.

“Our heart was afflicted and it was obvious that we started with a little piece of us a little farther away, separated by a short corridor but whenever I walk down to join her, it becomes an endless corridor, seconds that become hours, afflictions, fears and insecurities and no wonder, having a daughter in the ICU, even without risk, shakes you, corrodes you and makes you a boy again! But whenever I meet our Elis, there she is firm and reacting to the caresses and declarations of love, and she gives me strength, a calm that restarts me”, says the artist.

Xico also took advantage of the publication to exalt the woman, whom he called “mother lioness and protector”.

“Now let’s talk a little bit about our mom’s strength? You already know a lot of the strength of this woman, right? But when a mother is born (our mother of twins) I already see the mother lion, protective and fulfilled! It didn’t even seem like she needed to recover from the surgery, nor did it seem that the first attempts to breastfeed were being painful because the way she looks, the way she holds our girls becomes the most beautiful poetry!”, said Xico Santos.

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