Recharging by air: Motorola technology works with cell phones at 3 meters – 09/09/2021

Motorola released yesterday (8) a video on the Chinese social network Weibo of the second generation of a prototype wireless charger, called Space Charging, capable of recharging the device’s battery without even touching them. The device works on up to four smartphones at the same time, which can be up to 3 meters away from the charger.

Earlier this year, the brand had already announced a similar wireless charger at the CES 2021 electronics fair in the United States. But the new model received 1,600 athens to work at a greater distance. The first device of its kind worked with the device up to one meter.

To take technology off the ground, Motorola has partnered with GuRu Wireless and Salom Electric. The prototype was inspired by the operation of wi-fi and mesh (wireless router network). According to the brand, the charger carries energy even with obstacles between it and the cell phone.

Other competing brands are also trying to develop similar technology, such as Xiaomi and Oppo. The handsets of Chinese brands, however, can only charge one device at a time and at a shorter distance than the new Motorola.

The bad news is that the company didn’t say in the ad how long the wireless charger takes to complete a charge on your cell phone, so we don’t know if it will help you lower your electricity bill.

Another bad news is that there is no forecast for commercialization of the new Space Charging, we will have to wait.