Renata Vasconcellos surprises by showing a child in a rare click in intimacy

Renata Vasconcellos takes a break from Jornal Nacional with her family and shows her son Antonio (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)
Renata Vasconcellos takes a break from Jornal Nacional with her family and shows her son Antonio (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Renata Vasconcellos surprised by posting a rare photo of the son, Antonio Mac Dowell. on vacation from National Newspaper, she has been enjoying her days off with her family.

Through her Instagram profile, Renata shared a click in which her son appears in the garden photographing the family’s dog. The registration was a surprise, as she doesn’t usually expose her personal life on social media.

“Joys”, wrote the journalist in the caption of the photo.

In the comments, followers left messages of affection and viewers missed his absence from Jornal Nacional. “How cute”, commented a follower. “What love of photo”said another. “Missing you at JN”, stated a third.

Renata Vasconcellos has been away from Globo’s main news program since August 27. William Bonner was also off for a week, but he returned to the stand last Monday (6th). While he was away, he was replaced by Helter Duarte. She continues to be replaced by Ana Luíza Guimarães.

Besides Antonio, the journalist is also the mother of Miguel Mac Dowell. Both are the result of her relationship with Haroldo Mac Dowell, with whom she had a marriage that lasted 13 years, between 1997 and 2010.

Renata Vasconcellos gets emotional with nomination

Last month, Globo celebrated an important moment for its journalism department. In Jornal Nacional, the station reported the nomination for the 2021 International Emmy Award for Journalism.

In this ocasion, Bonner and Renata were grateful and commented on the nomination. “Be nominated [ao Emmy] it always means a lot, it’s a fair source of pride for all of us. But this year’s nomination in particular touched us a lot”, he said.

“It recognizes the efforts of 120 stations spread throughout Brazil, in addition to our offices abroad. They are journalists, technicians and professionals from all areas. From the person who fixes our microphone to the person who checks our temperature”, completed Bonner.

Showing gratitude for the moment, Renata Vasconcellos spoke in sequence and gave a vent about how difficult it is to work on pandemic coverage.

“This difficult coverage [da pandemia] it has demanded a lot from everyone. We do this for the love of journalism, out of respect for our commitment to you, the citizen, and to the country. We are confident that all this will pass. We appreciate your support”, she declared.

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