Roberto Carlos fulfilled the last wish of his son Dudu Braga, who died of cancer

Roberto Carlos is “literally devastated and destroyed”, the singer’s press advisor tells GLOBO. Friends and family members who accompanied him to the wake and funeral of his son, radio broadcaster and music producer Dudu Braga, were moved by the long cry of the King during the ceremony.

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“Whoever was at the wake saw how destroyed he is.” He cried a lot, a lot. It was painful to see him like that — says a friend of the artist.

As the singer himself usually says in interviews, Dudu Braga was his biggest idol. In one of the last conversations between the two, already at the hospital — where Dudu was treating an irreversible cancer of the peritoneum, a membrane that surrounds the abdominal wall — the son told his father that if something bad happened, he “would like to go away with a shirt on from Corinthians, comfortable clothes and sneakers”. And so it was done.

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– Everything that the son asked, the father answered as much as possible. And until the last minute, this happened – reveals Roberto’s advisor.

Artists and famous people show solidarity with the King for his son’s death. On social networks, personalities such as narrator Galvão Bueno, actor Eri Johnson, television director Boninho and presenter Ana Maria Braga made publications directed at Roberto Carlos and lamented the departure of Dudu Braga.

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In a tweet, Corinthians also paid tribute to the music producer and radio broadcaster, a fanatical fan of the team. “A sad day for the Corinthians nation. Fanatical for Corinthians, Dudu died at the age of 52, due to cancer. Our feelings to the King’s friends and family in this moment of pain and silence,” stated the club.

Back to Rio

In the late afternoon of this Friday (10/9), Roberto Carlos leaves São Paulo to return to Rio de Janeiro, where he will remain in strict quarantine in his apartment in Urca, in the South Zone of the city. In the same building, one of the singer’s sisters, Norma Moreira Braga, 86, lives with the King, as well as the security team and assistants.

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— It is already an old habit of Roberto not to circulate, and because of the pandemic he is even quieter indoors — says the advisor, adding that the singer did not want to visit his son’s house, in São Paulo, after the wake. — Roberto is experiencing his grief, so at the moment he speaks very little. Only then will he show signs of how he should react to all this: whether he will continue at a slower pace, or whether he will plunge headlong into the work.

Dudu Braga and Roberto Carlos Photo: Photo: Reproduction / Agência O Globo
Dudu Braga and Roberto Carlos Photo: Photo: Reproduction / Agência O Globo

son was best friend

A frequent presence at his father’s shows, Dudu Braga, christened Roberto Carlos Braga Segundo (which earned him the nicknames Dudu and Segundinho), is the result of the King’s first marriage to Cleonice Rossi. He had been battling irreversible cancer of the peritoneum since September 2020. By 2019, Dudu had already undergone two treatments for pancreatic cancer.

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– Dudu had been treated for cancer for the last year, but he had been having positive results. Then (the news of the death) it was something that took the family by surprise. Roberto is very shaken – says the advisor. — Roberto and Dudu spoke to each other always, always. Every day, more than once a day, the two talked on the phone. They were very close indeed. Dudu accompanied his father in everything. He was that son who was always at his father’s side.

Singer Roberto Carlos attends his son's wedding, Dudu Braga Photo: Reproduction
Singer Roberto Carlos attends his son’s wedding, Dudu Braga Photo: Reproduction

Dudu Braga was admitted to Hospital Albert Einstein, in São Paulo. The 52-year-old broadcaster leaves his wife Valeska, to whom he had been married for 17 years and had Laura, 5 years old. He is also the father of 22-year-old Giovanna and 17-year-old Gianpietro, children from a previous relationship with the producer.

‘RC in the Vein’

Visually impaired, Dudu was born with glaucoma — a disease that causes irreversible blindness — and underwent seven surgeries in childhood. He also wrote columns in music magazines, played drums and had a band called “RC na Veia” in honor of his singer-songwriter father.

Graduated in Advertising, Dudu was also a music producer, broadcaster and journalist. For over ten years, he hosted the program “As songs that you made for me”, with songs by his father, a hit on Nativa and Jangadeiro FM radios. On television, he participated in Rede Globo’s soap opera “América” ​​and presented the programs “Ressoar” — on Rede Record —, “Vida em Movimento” — on TV Cultura — and “Sentidos” — on TV Gazeta and Net Cidade . In 2002, he won a Grammy as a music producer.

Dudu was also dedicated to social actions. In addition to being one of the founders of the NGO “Meninos do Morumbi”, he was a collaborator in the foundations “Laramara” – Brazilian Association for Assistance to People with Visual Impairment – and “Dorina Nowill for the blind”, even being elected personality of the year in social responsibility by Época Magazine, in 2005.