Roberto Carlos is very shaken by the death of his son, Dudu Braga

Roberto Carlos’ office spoke about the singer’s decision not to attend the funeral of his son, who died at the age of 52

King Roberto Carlos (80) is very shaken by the death of his son, Dudu Braga (1968 – 2021), who died last Wednesday, 08, at the age of 52 after fighting a cancer of the peritoneum.

This Thursday morning, 09, family and closest friends said their last goodbye to the music producer in the Bela Vista neighborhood, in São Paulo, in an intimate ceremony that included the priest’s mass. Antonio Maria (76).

– Family and friends say goodbye to Dudu Braga, son of Roberto Carlos

After the wake, a detail that drew attention was the absence of Roberto Carlos, who chose not to attend the funeral. Wanted by Digital guys, the singer’s staff explained the decision. According to them, the father’s love and the pandemic issue were the king’s motives.

“Roberto was already here in São Paulo and was going to the hospital every day to see Dudu, so he was already following this fight very closely. Yesterday afternoon, when we had the confirmation, for him it was very painful”, said.

“He went to the wake today, was very, very, very shaken, moved and because he was very worried about this new variant of covid, and because he had already exposed himself by going to the hospital and everything. But the father’s love spoke more high right?! So, he decided not to go to the cemetery, because he is literally protecting himself as much as he is walking around. So that’s it, for that reason he didn’t go.”, informed the press office.


Roberto Carlos he broke the silence and manifested himself on social media after his son’s death. On his Instagram page, the singer shared an old video in which he appears talking about the heir on the show Video show.

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