Roberto Justus charges R$ 80,000 as a partner and asks for the end of the company | Fabia Oliveira

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Posted 10/09/2021 05:00 | Updated 09/10/2021 06:32

Entrepreneur Roberto Justus filed a lawsuit in São Paulo against Rafael Padro Celso, who is still his partner in the ‘Success Executive Project’ business. The former RecordTV presenter asks not only for the dissolution of the partnership signed in 2016, but also charges almost R$ 80 thousand in compensation for the partnership, which, according to Justus, did not prosper as expected by the parties involved.

According to the process, the project would be divided into two parts: one called ‘infoproduct’, and another called ‘successful executive’, which basically consisted of publishing digital works such as audios, electronic books and videos inspired by the Justus’ professional experience.

Justus would receive a basic remuneration in the event of dissolution of the partnership in the amount of R$250 thousand. In the months preceding the court collection, he claims that part of the amount was paid, but there would have been a debit balance in the amount of R$77,520.27. According to the businessman’s defense, an extrajudicial notification charging Rafael Pedro was sent, but the partner was not found.

In addition to claiming that the business had not prospered according to the parties’ expectations, the influencer’s husband Ana Paula Siebert states that he decided to ask for the dissolution of the company because he found that the registration of the ostensible partner would already be canceled with the Federal Revenue, and written off in the month February 2018, giving it the right to dissolution.

Justus also wants to ban the use of materials produced in the project that contain his image and voice. On May 26, 2021, Judge Cesar Augusto de Oliveira Queiroz Rosalino, of the 4th Civil Court of the Foro de Mauá, São Paulo, granted the partner’s citation by public notice.