Russian fighter’s arm ‘explodes’ during MMA fight; check out – Prism

Kirill Tereshin, known as Popeye, because of his arms that clash with the rest of his body, had to stop a fight because of a serious injury to his biceps. In the images, the impression is that the fighter’s arm could “explode” at any moment, such a swelling.

During combat, Kirill tries to land punches at his opponent. What he doesn’t notice is that his arms are getting swollen, until the moment the fight is stopped. Former soldier, today’s MMA fighter became known on the internet for his disproportionate biceps.

“Popeye” will now have to undergo a surgical procedure to remove excess skin and muscles from his arms. The fighter is still at risk of having both limbs amputated.

As you can imagine, Kirill confesses that the muscles in his arms were not acquired naturally, through training, diet and weight training. He claims that he used synthol oil, a substance used to swell the limbs and that can lead to muscle deformation and fibrosis.

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