Sabrina Sato makes several faux pas in the final of ‘Ilha Record’ | Television

Sabrina Sato makes mistakes in the grand final of ‘Ilha Record’reproduction

Posted 10/09/2021 08:44 | Updated 10/09/2021 08:50

Rio – Sabrina Sato made several faux pas during the final of the reality show “Ilha Record” on Thursday night. The presenter got confused by the voting dynamics and misnamed Laura Keller’s son. “A kiss for João Emanuel”, Sabrina said, but Laura corrected: “It’s Jorge Emanuel”.

On another occasion, Sabrina said that voting was closed. But then he received a warning at the electronic point, and he went back. “Attention people, the voting is over! (pause). Oh, no. It’s not over, no. Keep voting, guys,” warned the presenter.

Lucas Selfie managed to leave Sabrina unanswered live. As soon as she informed the participants that the voting to choose the R$ 250,000 winner was closed to announce the exit of six names from the contest, the influencer wanted more details about the continuity of the dynamic.

“But then are you going to open a new poll? Or are you going to pick up where you left off?”, asked the boy. “Hold on, I’ll tell you guys,” Sabrina said initially. “Lucas Selfie, don’t complicate me. This is live,” said the presenter, in a playful tone.

When Mirella got the better of Nadja in the R$250,000 contest, Sabrina tried to console the influencer. “Nadja, you came pretty close,” Sabrina said. However, Mirella got 79.33% of the vote while Nadja got only 20.67%. In fact, Nadja missed the prize well. And finally, Sabrina amused the audience by calling Nadja fans “Nadjacos”. “It’s Nadnático,” corrected the influencer.