Sale of Caio Paulista to Fluminense may have a positive impact on Ceará’s coffers; understand

attacker of Fluminense, Caio Paulista renewed its bond until 2026 and had 50% of its economic rights purchased by Tricolor das Laranjeiras from tombense-MG. The Minas Gerais club will receive 1.5 million dollars (R$7.9 million at the current price) and will still keep the remaining 50%.

This negotiation will directly influence Ceará’s coffers. Grandpa is also entitled to receive his share of the transfer, as he holds 20% of the economic rights of the player. In addition, for having participated in its basic training, it will receive 0.5% in the Solidarity mechanism of the FIFA in a future international sale.

As a result, Alvinegro de Porangabuçu will receive more than R$ 1 million. O Sport News World spoke exclusively with Robinson de Castro, president of Ceará, and the director stated that the club from Ceará is entitled to 20% of the amount received by the mineiros and also stated that he will be sure of the amounts he will receive when he has access to the contract for this transition.

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By acquiring its own training center in 2014, the year of its centenary, Ceará began a work that, seven years later, is already reaping many fruits. Pablo Nascimento, Arthur Cabral, Felipe Jonathan, Arthur Victor and other athletes who stand out in national football and in the Europe went through Grandpa’s base categories. Caio Paulista, now representing Fluminense, in 2015 defended the black and white colors for the U-17 team and lived in the voice city, CT of the northeastern club.

“We have 20% (of the economic rights of the player). If Tombense keeps the 50% percentage, we keep 20% of Tombense’s 50%. We have 20% of what Tombense has. Until she has nothing else“, revealed the agent alvinegro exclusively to the Sport News World. “We will need to understand what this is like (the terms of purchase). We have 20% of the player and we have a stake in training him. But it will only be possible for us to know the values ​​when we have the contracts in hand”.

From the total value of the sale, R$ 1,580.00 will be what the club from Ceará will receive. This number may change with the fall or appreciation of the dollar, which is currently costing R$ 5.20. by the law of FIFA Solidarity – determined that 5% of the value of the sale of an athlete will be divided between the clubs in which he was regularized between the ages of 12 and 23 -, Ceará will again be benefited if the player transfers to international football in a negotiation that involves values.

“Ceará receives it when Tombense-MG receives it. While Tombense does not sell the entire percentage of it, Ceará participates with 20% of that percentage”, concluded Robinson de Castro.