São Paulo is among the best cities in the world to travel

São Paulo was elected the 31st best city in the world to travel, in a survey carried out by the British portal Time Out with 27 thousand residents from various countries. In the final list, only the capital of São Paulo represents Brazil among the 37 classified municipalities.

São Paulo is among the best cities in the world to travel

Credit: Getty Images/iStockphotoSão Paulo is among the best cities in the world to travel

As criteria for receiving the title, themes such as sustainability, adaptation during the covid-19 pandemic, green spaces, community projects and art were taken into account. The city of San Francisco (USA) ranked first, followed by Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Manchester (England).

“This list was compiled based on responses from all categories of the survey, along with insights from Time Out editors and experts around the world,” said the survey, which says it has heard “residents of cities from Melbourne to Madrid, from Chicago to Copenhagen and from Tel Aviv to Tokyo.”

In 31st place, São Paulo was chosen, especially because of its graffiti and artistic exhibition spaces. “Many of the city’s museums are open again, exhibiting [artistas] promising Brazilians”, he pointed out.

check the list

  1. San Francisco (USA)
  2. Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  3. Manchester (England)
  4. Copenhagen (Denmark)
  5. New York (USA)
  6. Montreal (Canada)
  7. Prague (Czech Republic)
  8. Tel Aviv (Israel)
  9. Porto, Portugal)
  10. Tokyo, Japan)
  11. Los Angeles (USA)
  12. Chicago (USA)
  13. London, England)
  14. Barcelona, ​​Spain)
  15. Melbourne (Australia)
  16. Sydney (Australia)
  17. Shanghai (China)
  18. Madrid (Spain)
  19. Mexico City (Mexico)
  20. Hong Kong (China)
  21. Lisbon, Portugal)
  22. Boston (USA)
  23. Milan (Italy)
  24. Singapore (city-state)
  25. Miami (USA)
  26. Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
  27. Beijing (China)
  28. Paris, France)
  29. Budapest (Hungary)
  30. Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)
  31. São Paulo Brazil)
  32. Johannesburg (South Africa)
  33. Rome Italy)
  34. Moscow (Russia)
  35. Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  36. Istanbul (Turkey)
  37. Bangkok (Thailand)

São Paulo also has one of the coolest streets in the world

In another list made by Time Ou, the largest city in Latin America, São Paulo, reached the 7th position among the “30 coolest streets in the world”.

The highlight was Rua Três Rios, located in Bairro do Bom Retiro, downtown São Paulo. In the historic district, the chosen street is close to the Pinacoteca, one of the most important museums in Brazil, and is also surrounded by Jardim da Luz Park.