São Paulo says Daniel Alves no longer plays for the club | São Paulo

Daniel Alves will no longer play for São Paulo. In a statement on social networks this Friday, the club says that the player refused to re-appear after serving the Brazilian team until Tricolor’s debt with him is paid (about R$ 11 million). Due to the position of the right-back, the board decided that he is no longer part of the group.

– Daniel Alves and Miranda were serving the Brazilian team and should present themselves today to start regular training for the next games. Miranda attended, trained normally. Daniel Alves did not attend. We were informed by the representatives that Daniel Alves will not return to São Paulo until the adjustment of the financial debt that São Paulo has with the athlete. A debt that São Paulo recognizes and last week made a proposal seeking the right answer, which was not accepted by the representatives. The negotiation will continue with the legal and financial department – said football director Carlos Belmonte, in a video released by the club.

– From the point of view of the football department, we communicated, took the decision and communicated to Hernán Crespo that Daniel Alves will no longer be available to play for the São Paulo team. São Paulo is more important than all of us – he added.

Hired in 2019, Daniel Alves had a monthly salary of R$1.5 million. The expectation of the past administration, chaired by Leco, hoped to have partners to help pay for salaries, but this never happened.

Due to the new coronavirus pandemic, part of the players’ salaries were cut, including that of Daniel Alves, and they would be paid later. This made the debt to the athlete only increase.

After the Tokyo Olympics, the athlete publicly exposed his dissatisfaction with the delays. He said that he had never failed São Paulo, but that the club had already failed him. Since then, the relationship between club and player has been completely shaken.

Although he acted normally after returning from the national team, the fans’ criticism always fell on Daniel Alves. His situation began to become untenable.

São Paulo and the athlete’s representatives started talking for an agreement of more than R$ 11 million due. Daniel Alves and the businessmen did not accept the proposal, and Tricolor took a more drastic attitude in its statement this Friday.

Daniel Alves training at São Paulo after winning Olympic gold — Photo: Fellipe Lucena / saopaulofc