Selection wins another one, with Flamengo’s shy ‘palhinha’ – 09/09/2021

Another protocol victory for the Brazilian team in the qualifiers. The eighth in a row, making history. But the impression of mere obligation follows.

Everything is context. Lionel Messi cried as he celebrated winning the Copa America in Buenos Aires. But it was 28 years without titles for the main selection of Argentina. Brazil dominates the qualifiers since 2006, with the 2014 hiatus as the host country. The value of leading handily is not the same.

Even more so with the lackluster superiority. And this time the impression was more of economy, administration. Or excessive respect for weaker opponents. Peru played in the 2018 World Cup, played a tough game with champions France in the group stage. In the Copa América, he made the final in 2019 and was semifinalist in the 2021 edition, but he is not experiencing the most competitive moment under the command of Ricardo Gareca.

But the Brazilian first half was encouraging. Tite repeated the lineup of the five minutes played at Neo Química Arena against Argentina. Armed in a 4-1-3-2, with Gerson more advanced than Casemiro and joining the offensive quartet. With room to infiltrate free and lose big chance in the first half.

Everton Ribeiro and Gabigol circulating freely from the right inside, opening the corridor for Danilo, who appeared more times in attack. With the “plus” of Neymar’s talent, more lively and participative. Pressing and stealing in the attack field in the goal of Everton Ribeiro and going to the net, in the rebound kick of shirt eleven.

Echos do Flamengo, in addition to the trio and even Paquetá, who left the club shortly before the start of the victorious era. But with more Renato Gaúcho than Jorge Jesus. Pressing less, stepping back more to speed up exploring the spaces provided. With 59% possession, six submissions, three on target and two on the net.

Second half lowering possession a little, to 57%, and finishing only four, one in the direction of Pedro Gallese’s goal. Against seven of the Peruvians. It was possible to maintain a little more pressure in the attack field and offensive lust. Tite prefers security.

It’s a legitimate choice, but it reinforces the feeling of waste. The selection has been denying entertainment coupled with the result. Something that Flamengo delivers in the universe of clubs, in Brazil and in South America. And it reinforces the contrast when it scales the two called up, another one who left the club recently.

Victory with a red-black “straw”, but shy. More for the players and some automated moves, especially from Everton Ribeiro, between the lines and giving options to the central midfielders. For the Flamengo fan, who for almost two weeks has not seen a game of the team by heart, it served to kill the longing. But not that much.

(Statistics: SofaScore)