Separated from Fernando Zor, Maiara surprises with an unexpected statement about the horn: “Head is weighing”

Separated from Fernando Zor, Maiara surprises with a statement about horns (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

mahara, from the sertaneja duo with marisa, surprised fans with a rather unusual statement made during a live held on social media in the last one Wednesday (08).

She, who recently put an end to her relationship with Fernando Zor, hinted during the live broadcast that the romance ended because of betrayals on the part of the singer.

“I’m feeling kind of heavy. It feels like there’s something following me and I don’t know what it is, you know? My head is heavy here. I don’t know what it is, sister, it’s heavy”, joked the famous one, referring to the horns.

Before making the joke, Maraisa made a point of reacting: “You have to get it out of there, out of that head. This does not belong to you, my friend”.

“That’s why I don’t date, why this stranger never catches me. Are you crazy, are you? My head even hurt just imagining it”, complemented.

It is worth remembering that, recently, Anitta took an attitude with Maiara that left many people surprised. Amid the new breakup of the country singer with Fernando, the funkeira tried to take her to enjoy the night out in the United States:

“Look who’s going out with me today. Come with Mom and I’ll teach you how to live, dear. You’re living wrong, okay? I’ll teach you how to live, let’s go out, let’s take a walk and I’ll introduce you to how you live today. You’re living wrong”.

The powerful even tried to give advice to her famous friend. “Start writing down the rules of life that I’m going to teach you to live the right way. Rule 1: yo-yo was made just for children to play, baby. Write this one down. now let’s go!”, shot.

It didn’t stop there. The singer from Rio de Janeiro also talked about the comings and goings in the relationship between Maiara and Fernando:

“I already know who my next fight will be. If I see things like ‘Maiara comes back’, ‘Maiara ends’ in the fight, I won’t talk to her anymore. And that’s the choice she’s going to make, that’s it. She never speaks to me again. I’ve been trying to resolve this issue for a long time, but now it’s over, my daughter. And I say more, we’re on the loose in Miami and the jiripoca will chirp with this one, or my name is not Larissa Macedo Machado”.


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