Son of Roberto Carlos, Dudu Braga married a few days before he died

posted on 09/09/2021 4:18 PM

  (credit: Reproduction/Social networks)

(credit: Reproduction/Social networks)

About a month before he died of cancer, music producer Dudu Braga, son of King Roberto Carlos, married the influencer Valeska Braga, after 18 years of marriage.

The intimate ceremony, performed by Father Antônio Maria, was attended by 12 guests and the father, who, for the first time, came out of social isolation. The exciting moment was shared on social media:

In an interview with the magazine Faces, the music producer stated that the officialization of the wedding was delayed for a long time. “Since I got sick, there was a concern. Besides, Laura is 5 years old, is growing, and was able to bring the rings, it’s very special”.

Hospitalized at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, in São Paulo, he did not react well to treatments against peritoneum cancer, with which he had been struggling since September 2020. According to the hospital bulletin, his disease was in an irreversible stage and he died on Wednesday Tuesday (8/9).

His last post on the networks was a tribute to the family. “My passions! Photo of a very special day!”