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Spotify announced, on Thursday (9), the launch of a feature that will allow you to add recommended songs directly to playlists created by the user. The tool, called “Enhance”, will use the streaming service’s algorithm to select tracks according to the musical style of the playlists. Until then, the songs recommended by the system were in a separate playlist. With the new feature, Spotify wants to make it easier to create playlists and discover new music and artists.

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Translated into Portuguese as “Enhance”, Enhance can be activated or deactivated by the user at any time by the application for Android phones and iPhone (iOS). The function will arrive next month for premium accounts in Brazil and 39 other countries.

Enhance, Spotify’s new tool, will put recommended songs on user-created playlists — Photo: Melissa Cruz/TechTudo

To use the feature, just tap the “Enhance” button, which will appear at the top of every playlist. The button caption will change to “Enhanced” and every two tracks a recommendation will be included.

Streaming inserts a maximum of 30 recommendations per playlist, all of which are identified by a green glitter icon. If they like the indication, the user can press a “+” button next to the song to permanently add it to the catalog.

Image shows preview of Spotify’s Enhance tool, which will make it easy to add recommended songs to the playlist — Photo: Disclosure/Spotify

Songs added by this method do not replace songs that were added manually. To disable the functionality, just tap again on the “Enhanced” button. According to the platform, the idea is to facilitate the creation of playlists and help users discover new songs and artists.

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