Strategies to fight childhood obesity are discussed in Manaus

Manaus/AM – A survey carried out by the Department of Information, Control, Evaluation and Regulation (Dicar), of the Municipal Health Department (Semsa), indicates that in the first half of 2021, out of a total of 26,054 children evaluated by the health teams of the municipality, 1,396 are obese, equivalent to 5.36% of the surveyed universe. The data should support Manaus City Hall’s action strategies to contribute to the reduction of childhood obesity rates in the city.

The head secretary of Semsa, Shádia Fraxe, explains that childhood obesity has been presented as a public health problem around the world, directly impacting the reduction of quality of life and, consequently, the advancement of diseases.

The Dicar/Semsa report pointed out that, in 2019, Manaus recorded 4.79% of obesity in children aged 0 to 5 years, out of a total of 14,390 children evaluated in the Primary Health Care network, a rate higher than the percentage in the state (4 .26%) and from the North Region (4.44%). The number was only behind the percentage of the country (4.94%).

In 2020, there was a small decrease, of 0.11%, of the total of 38,835 children evaluated, equivalent to a percentage of 4.68%, lower than the percentage in the North region (5.14%), State (4.92% ) and the country (5.48%).

The survey was coordinated by nutritionist Sanay Souza Pedrosa, director of Dicar/Semsa. “Our department is responsible for subsidizing the departments and technical areas with information, aiming at taking decisions that contribute to improving the quality of life of the population of Manaus”, he says.

The report data were extracted from the Food and Nutrition Surveillance System (Sisvan) and the Health Information System for Primary Care (Sisab), using as a basis the monitoring indicators of the Prevention and Care of Childhood Obesity Strategy (Proteja), instituted by the Ministry of Health.