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Giulia Lima Bartelli was only 20 years old and attending 2
Giulia Lima Bartelli was only 20 years old and studying for the 2nd period of medicine, in Itajub (photo: social networks)

A 20-year-old girl who was studying the 2nd period of medicine died last Wednesday (8), a victim of COVID-19 in Itajub, in the south of Minas. Giulia Lima Bertelli was admitted to the Hospital de Clínicas, but did not resist the complications of the disease.

Giulia was a student at the Faculty of Medicine of Itajub, who suspended classroom classes last month due to the risk of an outbreak of COVID-19. The suspension came after students from the institution participated in a clandestine party on August 12 in the municipality.

However, the institution has not confirmed whether the student’s scope is related to the party. The Itajub newspaper published a note released by the faculty that says: “Like other colleagues, the student took the test, which was negative, but with the symptoms in progress, the young woman was hospitalized and her condition worsened in the last few days. ”.

The Faculty of Medicine also published a note of regret on social media, lamenting the student’s death: “To our class friends, we are sorry for the loss of our colleague, who brought good moments to everyone in the academic life that will be remembered with eternal nostalgia. We ask God to comfort parents, family and friends in this moment of mourning”.

The institution also asks students to avoid any type of party during the pandemic period. “Parties and other meetings should not be held, with the objective of preserving everyone’s life and safety”, says the note.

clandestine party

Students from the Faculty of Medicine of Itajub held a clandestine party on August 12th. The institution became aware of the festivity after the increase in positive cases for COVID-19 between the 20th and 21st of August. Even on that occasion, the in-person classes were suspended due to the risk of an outbreak of the disease.

The faculty even published a repudiation note regarding the attitude of the students: “The institution makes it clear that it does not condone this inappropriate and irresponsible behavior of those involved, being a terrible example that puts the safety and prevention measures COVID-19 in disrepute and It is also the image of the IES and for this reason, it opened an investigation to investigate the facts that occurred and thus take the appropriate and punishable measures”.

The party was held by students autonomously and off campus. After becoming aware of the fact, the Hospital das Clnicas de Itajub, which receives students for assistance activities, required students to present the COVID-19 test in order to proceed with the activities.

(Gabriella Starneck – Special for MS)

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