Supermarkets show drop in rice, potato and onion prices – Economy

The prices of rice, potatoes, onions and soy oil began to provide relief to the consumer’s pocket, after appearing for a period as the great villains of the Brazilian basic food basket.

In the year, the value of a kilo of potatoes dropped 44.11%, that of onions 12.75% and a packet of 5 kg of rice, 10.51%. The cost of soy oil, after registering an increase of 87.27% in the last 12 months, had a drop of 0.92% in the year.

Rice had this retreat after reaching an increase of 39.75% in the last 12 months, unlike onion, which has been signaling a drop of 51.35% in the same period.

The data was released this Thursday (9) by Abras (Brazilian Association of Supermarkets).

In the comparison between the months of June and July 2021, the focus of the research, the products that registered the biggest falls were:

• Onion (21.99%);
• Potatoes (12.34%);
• Rice (6.11%);
• Ham (3.33%); and
• Soybean oil (0.89%).

The items that had the highest increases in July, compared to June, were:

• Tomato (22.88%);
• Creamy margarine (5.64%);
• Cheese dish (4.93%);
• Roasted and ground coffee (4.65%); and
• Tomato extract (4.49%).

Of these products above, only tomatoes registered a year-to-date low: 1.92%. The others also went up:

• Creamy margarine (15.61%);
• Cheese dish (1.32%);
• Roasted and ground coffee (13.51%); and
• Tomato extract (7.63%).

In the last 12 months, the distribution of products that had the highest price increases was: tomato (50.95%), creamy margarine (28.68%), dish cheese (26.63%), roasted and ground coffee (17.84%) and tomato extract (14.89%).

In July, according to the indicator of Abrasmercado, spending on the 35 products surveyed by the entity maintained the upward trend, closing the month at R$ 668.55, an increase of 0.96% compared to June. Comparison with July last year, the increase was 23.14%.

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