Surprise wedding: VIDEO shows the moment when architect announces, at the altar, the change of bridegroom | Rio de Janeiro

One exclusive video from the wedding of Eder Meneghine, 60 years old, the architect who decided to change boyfriends on the eve of the ceremony, shows the exact moment when he announces to guests that his future husband would be the head chef Hugo Oliveira, 44 years old, and no longer the miner Dyl Reis, 23, as stated in the invitation to the party. (watch above).

The announcement was made at the altar, in front of 120 friends, at the restaurant Solar das Palmeiras Rio, on Ilha da Gigóia, West Zone of the city, last Tuesday (7).

“I got 20 years wrong in my life. And I messed up 20 years in something that could have really worked. I had to change the documents and I’ll let you know: I changed boyfriends. But I changed from yesterday to today“, said Eder.

“Yesterday [segunda, 6], at eight o’clock at night, I changed boyfriends. Because at eight o’clock at night I realized that the person who would be here now marrying me would not be the person in my life. So I didn’t hesitate. I simply switched,” he continued.

“But I’m getting married today because I need to get married at age 60. It’s time to get married. So surprisingly, I invited Hugo to marry me“, said Eder, before the entrance of the future husband at the party.

Architect from Rio changes groom on the eve of the wedding — Photo: Diana Brizzi / I9 Photo and Video

In addition to being amazed at the novelty, many guests believed that it was an architect’s joke. However, as soon as Hugo entered the corridor towards the altar, the place was seized by a great emotion.

“It was a surprise. I was in shock because everyone was waiting for Dyl to enter, when he said in front of everyone that he was going to change. The way he said it, everyone thought he was joking,” he commented. Patrick Falkenburg, one of the godparents.

“But I thought his attitude was very nice to have made this invitation to Hugo. And the way it all happened, he got out of the situation very well. It was very unusual, I don’t think anyone would know how to react at a time like this. But it’s Eder, an eccentric figure, and who had a very cool attitude,” he amended.

For more than two months, Eder, who also owns restaurants and venues, has organized the party of his dreams. he spent more than BRL 250 thousand with decoration, structure and services. Among the guests, well-known figures from the high society carioca, like the socialite Vera Loyola, the filmmaker Neville D’Almeida, a drag Isabelita dos Skates and the baroness Beth Suzano.

Drag Isabelita dos Patins was responsible for taking the wedding rings to the newlyweds — Photo: Diana Brizzi / I9 Photo and Video

“I thought I had seen everything in my life, but like this wedding, never“, said Vera Loyola, one of the godmothers.

The socialite also said that Eder “had a premonition”.

“An angel appeared to him during a dream. He woke up and recognized that the real husband was Hugo. Why would he marry someone other than Hugo?”, recalled Vera.

“The wedding was very emotional. The hat I was wearing even flew with emotion. It really was something unprecedented and sensational. In the end, it was a deliverance for him. It was the person he really should have married. How godmother, I’m very happy,” she said.

In addition to being an architect and decorator, Eder also works organizing events in his restaurants. In planning for the wedding party, he made sure to offer the best for his guests.

In addition to decor with Baccarat chandeliers, Chinese porcelain and polished stone lions, guests enjoyed a buffet of shrimp, salmon and paella. The party cake was shaped like a pineapple, with three floors and a top with albino ostrich feathers. According to the architect, the waiters served more than 100 bottles of champagne.

The party cake was shaped like a pineapple, with 3 floors and a top with albino ostrich feathers — Photo: Diana Brizzi

Preparations for the big day were almost ready, when Eder and Dyl Reis had a disagreement that motivated the sudden separation. According to the architect, some serious problems prevented the relationship from continuing.

“I knew him relatively little. We liked each other, and I took him to live with me in my house. Over time, I had this desire to make this wedding party, as I have done for many people, many artists. And I said to him: ‘Let’s get married?’ But he’s 23 and I’m 60. I had the intention of being happy. And I thought I would be,” he revealed.

After the breakup at 8 pm the day before the wedding, Eder was not discouraged and kept the party and the ceremony going. It was then necessary to find another fiance…

Chef Hugo Oliveira at his wedding party — Photo: Personal archive

…that’s when he looked for an old boyfriend, chef Hugo Oliveira, with whom he always kept in touch as a friend.

Eder revealed that, despite not having been planned, the proposal of marriage was a special moment and a lot of complicity. For him, it was time to appreciate who was always around. The fiance said that he even thought about guaranteeing rights for homosexual couples and how important that would be for him and his future husband.

“Why not marry this person who was always right with me and guarantee him the civil rights he deserves? Why not guarantee a quality future? In fact, it’s not that he’s the great love of my life, but I discovered in that moment of difficulty that I had in the figure of Hugo Oliveira the greatest friend and partner of my entire life. And I never gave him the opportunity he deserved,” said Eder.

‘Unique happiness’ says guest

Like all those present celebrating the change of bridegroom, the party took place in a unique atmosphere, according to godfather Falkenburg.

“Besides the surprise, people were very happy because they know that they already had a history of many years and got along very well. The vibe of the party was very pleasant and the party could not stop. Besides everything very well prepared, everything was very good. well served, a top wedding, had this moment of unique happiness,” said Patrick Falkenburg.

Architect from Rio changes the bridegroom on the eve of the wedding and surprises guests

Architect from Rio changes the bridegroom on the eve of the wedding and surprises guests

And the feeling of joy was not restricted to party guests. Even the professionals who were working at the event were also moved.

for the photographer Diana Brizzi, who was on site to record the details of the ceremony, it was also difficult to contain the emotion.

“I’ve been working with marriage for many years and I’ve seen it all, but it was the first time I’ve seen someone change boyfriends so quickly. It was very unusual. People were very emotional. All the guests got up crying,” commented Diana .

After the heat of events passed, Eder Meneghine managed to draw a lesson from all the pre-wedding mess. According to him, many people go through situations of insecurity in the search for acceptance and end up not valuing the people who really mattered.

“If I can inspire other people with my story, I will be fulfilled. Never go through what I went through. Because I was good, honest, caring, companionable and actually met someone who didn’t have the vision like mine. people sometimes just think about favoring themselves in a relationship with the other,” he said.

Eder Meneghine and Hugo Oliveira got married last Tuesday (7) — Photo: Diana Brizzi / I9 Photo and Video

“I was happy with the adhesion of friends, with the party, with Hugo’s decision. And actually, I’m not a person who believes in God, but I’ll say from the bottom of my heart: even if you want to draw yours way, your destiny, you are nothing if you are not in the hands of a superior force. No novel writer has written a plot like this“, completed the youngest married in Rio de Janeiro.