Team performances: with another goal and good plays, Everton Ribeiro is the best in Brazil against Peru | qualifiers – south america

Weverton: Little threatened in the first stage. Made a left-hand defense in a long shot from Marcos Lopéz. Grade: 7.0

Danilo: He made a good move after Brazil’s goal, moving up with speed and going at the top. Grade: 6.0

Lucas Verissimo: Absolute in the dispute for the top, he managed well the arrivals of the Peruvian team. He helped to build the plays on the ground when he had the opportunity and also did well in the low fights. Good debut. Grade: 7.0

Gerson touches the ball chased by a Peruvian opponent: Brazil won another one, 2-0 — Photo: Ricardo Moraes / Reuters

Eder Militao: On the same level as the defender. He suffered an unmarked penalty when he went up to attack in a corner kick. It was necessary to stop Lapadula’s kick from inside the area. Grade: 7.0

Alex Sandro: He went up and received a great pitch over the top of Neymar, in a move that gave a good ball to Gabigol. It was very good in the confrontation against the dangerous pointer Carrillo and reached the edge in a few more moves in the second stage. Grade: 7.0

Homemade: He tried to retract his leg, but hit a Peruvian opponent, getting a yellow card after 12 matches. With Gerson a little looser, he managed his sector well with his usual security. Showed category in game distribution from the defensive midline line. Grade: 6.5

Gerson: Missed a great chance in the face of Gallese, hitting cross. Out more into the game than Tite’s last midfielders. He showed category – as in a bid he received from Matheus Cunha and gave just a little touch to cover up the Peruvian – and managed to feel at ease, despite not having made a great match for his level. Grade: 6.0

Lucas Paquetá: He gave a good ball to Neymar in a counterattack move early in the match. It moved all the time, falling to the left and also giving options at the ends. He dodged his head in danger. Received yellow card. He made a good play at the end in the second stage, when he crossed and the Peruvian defense cut almost on the line. note: 6.0

Neymar: After a bad match against Chile, he distributed passes and throws of all kinds – from trivela, by elevation, in depth. It lost a good chance because it took a long time to finish in play at the beginning. He made an unmarked foul on Everton Ribeiro’s goal, also suffered some violence and then scored his 12th goal for the Seleção in the qualifiers. Brazilian record. In the end, he was hungry to receive Cunha’s heel, could have rolled to Gabigol. He took yellow at the end and is suspended against Venezuela. Grade: 7.0

Everton Ribeiro: He tried two heels in the opening minutes of the match, gave Gerson a great shot and scored another one. All this in the first few minutes of the game. He started the play in Brazil’s second goal and even appeared in the area in the same move, before Neymar completed it to the goal. Along with Neymar, he was the one who created and delighted the game the most. Grade: 7.5

Gabigol: He had a good chance at the beginning and asked for a hand in the kick, in the Peruvian’s marking. He made a good move in Neymar’s goal, moved a lot. Shows eagerness to hit the plays and score the goals that come out naturally in Flamengo. He got a yellow card for a foul on Carrillo. Grade: 5.5

They entered the second half

Daniel Alves: replaced Danilo. He was dribbled near the area in some danger from the Peruvians. He acted, in his style, leaving the side in some shots and touching the ball in the middle. He took the captain’s armband when Casemiro was replaced. In the end, he had a beautiful dribble on the side and crossed as far, Grade: 6.0

Matheus Cunha: replaced Everton Ribeiro. There was a dangerous foul almost inside the area. Completed with a cart, without strength, a good move by Neymar. In the end, he combined a good move with Gabigol. Grade: 6.0

Bruno Guimarães: replaced Casemiro. He took part in the game a little and risked a move that was left for him in the area. But it didn’t go well. Grade: 6.0

Hulk: replaced Gabigol. Had a chance, took the ball from the goalkeeper, but hit hard and out. Missed the play on the counterattack. Grade: 5.0

Edenilson: replaced Gerson in the final minutes. no grade