The Interns at the Afternoon Session (09/08): Google banned the movie’s scene; know which one – cinema news

The Interns is directed by Shawn Levy — the filmmaker behind the recent Free Guy — and casts Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.

Today’s film in the Afternoon Session is The Interns, starring Vince Vaughn (Freaky – In the Body of an Assassin), Owen Wilson (Loki), Rose Byrne (Supernatural) and Aasif Mandvi (The Proposal). In the plot, Billy and Nick are best friends who work together as watch sellers. They are taken by surprise when their boss closes the company, believing the deal is outdated.

Stifled by financial problems, the boys’ last chance is an internship at Google. But to get it, they will have to face competitors much younger and more familiar with the technology. If you are in need of light production to distract yourself, the long one is the ideal option.

Directing the work is Shawn Levy, the filmmaker who directed the recent and acclaimed Free Guy – Taking Control. Remember that AdoroCinema interviewed Jodie Comer, one of the protagonists of blockbuster from Disney.

Check out some awesome trivia about The interns, which will be shown at 3pm on Globo:

How Vince Vaughn Created the Screenplay

Vince Vaughn created the script for The Interns after seeing a story about Google. He was really surprised to see the good working conditions of the company’s employees.

Second screenplay developed by Vince Vaughn

Os Interns is the second screenplay signed by Vince Vaughn, who also wrote the plot of Separated by Marriage (2006).

Partnership with Google to shoot the movie

Shawn Levy sought a partnership with Google, which was involved in the film’s creation process. The director visited the facilities to soak up the atmosphere and understand the technical language of the employees. In addition, 100 real Google employees worked as extras during the recordings.

Google banned movie scene

One of the scenes would show a car that drives alone breaking down. However, Google — which had control over how its products were portrayed in the film — vetoed the final cut sequence. They didn’t want a negative advertisement for a branded car that hadn’t been released yet.

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Reencounter between actors

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson renew the partnership eight years after Penetras Bons de Peck. This reunion must have been exciting, eh?

Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson worked together well before the Marvel series on this movie that’s on Prime Video, you know?

Iconic References

The Interns makes numerous references to pop culture icons such as Guns N’ Roses, X-Men, The Terminator, and The Hunger Games.

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