The use of mask outdoors will no longer be mandatory in Portugal

The use of masks in outdoor areas will no longer be mandatory in Portugal from September 12th, the date on which the protection requirement expires. According to socialist parliamentary leader Ana Catarina Mendes, the ruling party does not intend to ask for the measure to be renewed.

“We don’t see the need to extend this obligation, we see the need for all of us to continue to have the care we have to take, following the recommendations of the General Directorate of Health,” he told Agência Lusa.

The president of the PSD (Social Democratic Party) parliamentary group, Adão Silva, echoed Ana Catarina’s position to Portuguese radio TSF. For him, only a sudden aggravation of the pandemic would make the Social Democrats return to insisting on the use of the mask on the streets of the country. The two parties form a majority in the current Portuguese government.

“From what was said by the director-general of Health [Graça Freitas] and, on the other hand, at the level of vaccination that Portugal has already attained, the PSD, in principle, is fully available so that there is no renewal of the law that makes the use of masks mandatory,” opined Adão.

Despite no longer needing to wear the mask outdoors or to quarantine when disembarking, Brazilian tourists will still have to test negative for covid-19 to visit indoor areas of bars, hotels and restaurants, since the vaccination certificate issued by SUS it is not yet valid in the country.

PCR-type tests are valid if performed within 72 hours prior to presentation, whereas in the case of rapid antigen tests, which can be purchased at pharmacies during the trip, this period is 24 hours.