“They should have thought more about him”

In testimony sent to the program “Show dos Desportos”, on Rádio Gaúcha, the current Flamengo coach Renato Portaluppi admitted that he was “saddened” by the departure of Maicon from Grêmio and, at the same time, indicated that people from the club “should have thought a little more about him”.

“He is a player who, with his experience and his football, I’m sure he could still help Grêmio a lot, both in the Copa do Brasil and, mainly, in the Brazilian Championship. So, it is with great sadness that I receive this news, that Maicon has left Grêmio”, lamented Renato, before expanding:

“I think people should have thought a little more, paid a little more attention, even for Maicon’s curriculum at Grêmio, for what he represents to the group and for the football he plays. I get sad. I’m really sad. Especially in a delicate moment like the one Grêmio is going through”.

Renato was the Grêmio commander from September 2016 to April 2021 and had Maicon as a technical reference mainly in his first three years of command. And it was during this period that the main titles came: Copa do Brasil, Libertadores and Recopa Sudamericana.

Maicon, in his farewell press conference to Grêmio last Wednesday, declared that he will not retire yet and that he will play for another club in 2022, when he will already be 36 years old.

Check out some details of what Maicon said in the interview on Wednesday:


“My apologies are for the inside of the club. If I ever went past the point. I ask for the people who lived with me. About taunts in classics, that’s part of football. I leave Grêmio, but there are other players here who are going to do it. And on their side, when they win, they’ll do it too. I respect all the professionals from all the teams, but the one I defend I will always fight. Here is my home”


“I quit Grêmio, it will never happen again. There’s no way. I’m going back to Rio de Janeiro, at my house. But I’m going to ask you to stay in the WhatsApp group until the end of the year. Who knows how to help with a comment, an audio. I’ll see all the games and keep rooting. I only played four Brazilian games. This bothered me a lot. I’ll keep texting the guys. I can’t quit Grêmio anymore, there’s no way, it’s impossible”


“I wanted to apologize to Ricardo (Marques Ribeiro). I exceeded myself too much. Apologize to Fábio Santos, Cassio and other Corinthians players who held me back. I passed the point at that point.

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