Thomaz Costa throws marijuana down the toilet and vents: ‘My mother was crying’ | celebrities

Thomaz Costa throws marijuana away and vents

Thomaz Costa throws marijuana away and vents

The actor and participant of the reality “Ilha Record”, Thomaz Costa, surprised followers, on Wednesday night (8) by publishing a video on social networks where he appears playing marijuana in the toilet and flushing it afterwards.

According to Thomaz, he stopped using marijuana and became a new man by converting to Christianity. “As for the old way of life, you were taught to put off the old man, who is corrupted by deceitful desires, to be renewed in your way of thinking, and to put on the new man, created to be like God in righteousness and in holiness from the truth,” he transcribed a passage from a verse in the Bible.

Through the stories, the actor explained that his mother was crying because he knew he used marijuana. “My mother used to cry about it every day and today I give her joy. Now, I ask you. Is there still any doubt about the right path?”, said the participant of “Ilha Record”.

Thomaz told fans that he traveled to Brasília “to fetch you” and a video of him with a joint in his hands was leaked on the web. “Guess what? I was massacred (…) I can see how the world is lost and how I was lost all this time. Jesus set me free.”

Larissa Manoela’s ex received support from several famous people, such as Lucas Viana, Lívia Andrade and João Figueiredo.