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Tiago Leifert participates this Friday (10) in “Mais Você” with Ana Maria Braga. To the presenter, he tells about his departure from TV Globo.

“If it’s the first time I had a feeling like this, it’s been a long time, at least four years. But I got buried. My story really starts 20 years ago, when I moved to the United States. My goal was to work in the sport in the United States. Globo,” he said.

“This here goes way beyond the job. Leaving here is leaving home.”

“I had a life as an athlete. On the eve of ‘The Voice’ or ‘Big Brother’, I wouldn’t go out. This obsession always, working hard, no vacation. My big epiphany last year, ‘BBB 20’, my pregnant wife . The show had been great and I wasn’t happy,” he says.

Tiago Leifert explains Globo’s departure from ‘Mais Você’ with Ana Maria Braga — Photo: Reproduction/Globo

The presenter says he could not celebrate the records of “BBB20” nor the success that was the edition. “I asked myself ‘when am I going to celebrate the victory?’ It’s now, my wife is pregnant, there’s so much I want to learn, so many wonderful things, I want to go back to school,” he said.

“That was the choice I had to make. Leave or stay another four years. Last year, when I said that, it was a shock. But they understood.”

“I need to declare victory and say: James, it worked.”

I talked to the company, you were wonderful to me from the beginning. I am very grateful for all the advice, I talked to the Marinho family. But it was all too high. The most logical decision is not to do it now. So I said: ‘in a year, we’ll talk again’.”

“I decided I was going to leave Globo because my mission here is complete.”

Despite his nervousness, he said he managed to sleep this week. “I can relax. At bedtime I can. But yesterday there was a lot of message,” Leifert said.

‘Super famous dance’

Tiago Leifert — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

He says he was going to lunch at his mother’s house to tell his father about the decision when he received the call to replace Faustão in “Domingão”.

“Guys, pretend I’m Faustão and I’m going to do it like him. I played at Faustão and I loved that Sunday. It was really cool, I enjoyed doing it,” he says.

“My contract would end in September. In the semifinal of ‘Dança’, I decided.” After that, he asked to do another season of “The Voice Brasil” and the network accepted.

Tiago Leifert — Photo: Reproduction

He told how he prepared to replace Pedro Bial in charge of “BBB”. “If this day in January 2017 were the first BBB in history, what would I say? How would I do it? Break with what was done and speak how I would do it.”

He says he was inspired by the book “Ignore everybody” to vent his format-changing ideas.

“I decided I was going to do one more [‘BBB’]. I was very happy doing it. The first three weeks of ‘Big Brother’ are all going to be tough. It was difficult, but the team is very shabby. We know each other, it’s very closed. As much as we had problems with Karol and Lucas, we managed.”

“The Voice Brasil”: Tiago Leifert with Michel Teló, Carlinhos Brown, Lulu Santos and Iza — Photo: Globo/Victor Pollak

Ana Maria summed up her colleague with four words: “Competence, courage, consistency, truth”.

The presenter will leave the station after “The Voice Brasil”. “Tiago Leifert will say goodbye to Globo, after 15 years of a happy and successful partnership,” the company informed in a statement.

He will feature “The Voice” until December 23rd. The new presenters of the next editions of “BBB” and “‘Voice” are yet to be defined.

Leifert was born in São Paulo on May 22, 1980. He joined Globo in 2008 and has already directed programs such as “Central da Copa”, “Globo Esporte”, “The Voice Brasil” and “The Voice Kids Brasil”. Since 2017, it presented the “Big Brother Brazil”.

In June 2021, with Faustão’s departure, he took over TV Globo’s Sunday afternoons until Luciano Huck’s debut. Leifert led the “Super dance of the famous”, which was won by Paolla Oliveira and Leandro Azevedo.

Read the release in full:

He started in 2004 as a presenter and editor at Rede Vanguarda, an affiliate of Globo in the interior of São Paulo. Later, Tiago Leifert arrived at SportTV, in 2006, as a reporter and soon became editor-in-chief of “Globo Esporte”, presenter and was responsible for the change in the newspaper’s format. With a unique style, he drew attention and was invited to take on new flights as the presenter of the Brazilian version of “The Voice” in 2012. In 2015, he took on another new project at the station, this time, the morning “É de Casa”. He was also ahead of “Central da Copa” in 2010, 2014 and 2018, and participated in the growth of the “Voice” franchise, presenting the first season of the “Kids” version. In 2016, he brought his passion for games and the geek universe to TV Globo, with “Zero 1”. And, in 2017, he took on one of his biggest challenges: commanding “Big Brother Brazil”.

Presenting the last five editions of the BBB, Tiago left his mark not only with his catchphrases such as “fire in the playground” and “text does not decide a wall”, but also with historical editions – one of them guaranteed the world record for popular voting on a reality show . Several times he replaced colleagues in his programs and, more recently, he faced the mission of commanding Sunday afternoons during a medical leave from Fausto Silva and, later, in “Super Dança dos Famosos”. But it will be in front of what was his first entertainment project at the station – “The Voice Brasil” – that Tiago Leifert will say goodbye to Globo, after 15 years of a happy and successful partnership.

The presenter has matured the desire, which he had already expressed last year, to stop and chose not to renew his contract with the company, but leaves the doors open for future partnerships: “The idea of ​​stopping came up in the middle of last year and I’ve been talking to calm with Globo since then, waiting for the ideal moment. And it is now! The feeling is to leave the parents’ house to face the world. I grew up here, as a person and as a professional. In fact, it has been 20 years since I left home to study in the USA with the mission of one day working at Globo. I achieved much more than I imagined, and I am in the perfect time, personally and professionally, to close this chapter that lasted two decades. Everything worked out, it was so beautiful. I leave mature, unhurried, happy and ready for the world in front of me. Inside, I built a beautiful story in the sport, where I could create new styles and narratives, be part of three World Cups and an Olympics. In entertainment, I was able to be present in the implementation of four formats and to be ahead of 16 seasons of realities, a passion of Brazil and also mine. Even more beautiful was running the ‘Big Brother Brasil’, a passionate phenomenon, of which I have always been a fan, and which had recent editions considered historic. I have a love affair with Globo. And so I leave with the absolute certainty that I can give myself this time and that I will continue to be welcome here at any time. Many thanks to everyone who was with me. And especially to the public, who have always welcomed me”.

Tiago Leifert will present the tenth season of “The Voice Brasil” on TV Globo until December 23rd. The new 2022 presenters of “Big Brother Brasil” and “The Voice Brasil” are yet to be defined.

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