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The weather will heat up in friday chapter, 9/10, from In the Times of the Emperor! Guest to a dinner at the Imperial Palace, along with other newly elected deputies, Tonico (Alexandre Nero) will commit the greatest absurd.

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Pedro II (Selton Mello) will be jealous of the Countess of Barral in ‘Nos Tempos do Imperador’ — Photo: Globo

in your way rude, the deputy of Rectangular Bahia will be on top of Luísa (Mariana Ximenes), the passion of Pedro II (Selton Mello) and the Emperor won’t let it go!

Tonico (Alexandre Nero) makes gaffes alongside Luísa (Mariana Ximenes) at a dinner at the Palace in ‘In the Times of the Emperor’ — Photo: Globo

It is no longer today that the Emperor is bothered with Tonico’s attitudes. THE quarrel between the two, in fact, it is quite old, as the villain already attacked the monarch as a child.

Review the scene of Pedro and Tonico’s childhood fight:

Tonico fears that Pedro will recognize him

Tonico fears that Pedro will recognize him

The reunion of childhood enemies happened, and it was one of the worst experiences for Pedro, who had to stay hosted at the deputy’s farm, during the passage of the royal entourage for the Bahia.

Review the scene where Pedro gets annoyed with Tonico:

Pedro doesn't recognize Tonico

Pedro doesn’t recognize Tonico

And Tonico’s potato, which was already baking, will be fried when the Emperor catches it dragging wing for your passion, the Countess of Barral!

Luísa (Mariana Ximenes) is bothered by the harassment of Tonico (Alexandre Nero) in ‘In the Times of the Emperor’ — Photo: Globo

“With all due respect, you are more and more beautiful! If you need company, I am at your disposal”, says the villain to the Countess.

Review the scene in which Luísa and Tonico face each other:

Tonico appears at Luísa's farm

Tonico appears at Luísa’s farm

Peter gnaws at jealousy and see the perfect opportunity to payback for the beating the deputy gave him when they were boys.

Tonico (Alexandre Nero) punches Dom Pedro II (Selton Mello) as a child in ‘Nos Tempos do Imperador’ — Photo: Globo

“Ah… So Your Majesty hasn’t forgotten? It was a kid’s thing…”, teases Tonico.

Pedro II (Selton Mello) calls Tonico (Alexandre Nero) for a fight in ‘Nos Tempos do Imperador’ — Photo: Globo

“True. But now we’re not boys anymore. Time for rematch”, says Pedro, preparing a punch.

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WL! Fire in the Palace playground! 🔥😲

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Tonico confronts Samuel and says he will marry Pilar. Luísa warns Pedro about Tonico. Pilar asks Luísa for help in finding Dolores. Lota and Batista meet Lupita, who takes them to Quinzinho’s casino. Tonico provokes Luísa on account of Samuel. Dolores and Pilar meet again. Guebo promises Samuel that he will study. Lurdes remembers Tonico and tells Pedro about the episode that occurred in their childhood. Pedro attacks Tonico.

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