Vasco organizers invade president’s room to protest | Vasco

A group of representatives of Vasco’s organized fans went to São Januário to protest against the bad phase of the team, currently ninth in Serie B. With offenses directed at Jorge Salgado and other leaders, they invaded the presidency room, which was empty at the time they entered.

The ge got in touch with Vasco, who hasn’t manifested yet.

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The group joined the club through the main entrance to the headquarters. In images that were posted on social networks, a military police officer and officials tried to prevent them from continuing to enter São Januário, but that was not possible.

The video was released by the profile @colina_informa.

One of the fans asked as he left Salgado’s room: “Where are you, Salgado? Where’s Osório? Where’s Luiz Mello? Where’s Mussa? This isn’t an invasion, it’s our house. We’re tired, Salgado. Castan, let’s collect this squad. You’re the captain. No one at the club? giving slack? The crowd is interdicting!”

Although one of the protest’s leaders speaks of time off, Vasco communicated to the press that the group trains normally since the defeat by Avaí. The training has been led by Fábio Cortez, technical assistant, and Daniel Félix, physical trainer. Both are members of the club’s permanent technical committee.

Vasco’s presidency room is invaded — Photo: Reproduction

As part of the protest, fans sealed the presidency room with tapes that they placed inside and around it.

Invasion of organizations from Vasco to São Januário — Photo: Reproduction