Verstappen puts Mercedes as favorite in Italy: “We don’t have enough”

Max Verstappen sees Mercedes as a major threat to Monza (Photo: John Thys/Red Bull Content Pool/Getty Images)

With the next stop for Formula 1 being the Italian GP, ​​Mercedes has a reason to smile in retrospect, while rival Red Bull less so. It turns out that, since the beginning of the hybrid era, in 2014, Taurus has not even reached a podium, with the best result being fourth place by Daniel Ricciardo, in 2017. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton’s squad has five victories in the same period. . So, despite the lead at the Worlds and the fact that the RB16B looks much stronger in 2021, Max Verstappen wonders if this is really enough to win the fight against the German team in Monza.

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“Absolutely, compared to previous years [nosso carro é mais competitivo], but I’m not sure if it will be enough to fight them”, said Verstappen, at a press conference on the eve of the Italian stage. “However, this weekend again, with sprint racing and stuff, it’s going to be very different.”

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Max Verstappen placed Lewis Hamilton as the favorite in Monza (Photo: Beto Issa)

“I just hope we’ve done our homework before getting here [em Monza] to be very competitive. It’s a little hard to say where we’ll be, but I don’t expect it to be like Zandvoort.”

The big concern — and possible advantage for Mercedes — is in relation to the Dutchman’s third engine, which suffered damage considered irreparable after the Hungarian GP. Now, Red Bull is wondering when is the right time to switch to the fourth power unit, which will result in penalties. But Verstappen believes that the team will not opt ​​for Monza, as they have done in the past.

“We haven’t decided on the place yet. I think this engine is still very new. So we’ll see. It is definitely not our plan to change it here”, he concluded.

Aside from Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton himself also doesn’t seem very confident about the W12’s performance in the Temple of Speed. The seven-time champion is not so convinced that it will be possible to return to the highest place on the podium, especially after the great performance of his rival in the Dutch GP. You follow the outcome of this fight in full coverage of the BIG PRIZE follow all the activities of the Italian GP this weekend LIVE and IN REAL TIME.