Video: Fighter Biceps Known As ‘Russian Popeye’ Explode During Fight

The fighter career of Kirill Tereshin, known as Popeye Russo, is still making waves. The last episode that made the world news was when his “charged” arm exploded during a fight, which was interrupted due to the unusual injury.

The episode took place while Tareshin was striking his opponent. His arms began to swell a lot and suddenly a hole opened in his member, from which liquids flowed.

Kirill went viral on the internet a few years ago for having an arm that was completely disproportionate to the rest of his body, with a face that recalled the most famous sailor in the world.

Now, the fighter will have to undergo surgeries to remove excess skin and muscle from his arms, running the risk of having both limbs amputated.

Kirill confesses that he didn’t acquire the muscles in training. The fighter used synthol oil to swell his arms, a substance that can lead to deformation and muscle fibrosis.