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Song and friend performed on the same day

Canto and friend performed on the same day | Photo: Disclosure

Manaus – The farewell of the singer Romario de Jesus, the “Romarinho Mec” or “Bruxo do Forró”, which was 27 years old, executed at dawn this Thursday (9) was marked by more violence. The wake of the Amazonian artist was scheduled to take place earlier this evening, but even before the ceremony began, in the District of Cacau Pirêra, in Iranduba (27 kilometers away from the capital), a shooting caused a new trail of blood.

Wilgner Menezes Guiné, 27, a friend of the singer, was executed during a criminal attack in the locality. According to witnesses, the victim was surprised by gunmen who had already arrived shooting at a group of people awaiting the arrival of Romarinho Mec’s body at the funeral home.

“Illguinner Menezes”, as he was known on social networks, even recorded the concentration of people before the shooting.

Watch the live at the scene of the attack

URGENT: See where Romarinho Mec’s friend was executed at Cacau Pirêra | Author: Portal Em Tempo

Injured, Wilgner was rescued and sent to the Emergency Service (SPA) Joventina Dias, but he ended up not resisting the injuries.

After the attack, teams from the Tactical Force were sent to the city to reinforce security. “These friends of the first victim who were here in front of the wake would be involved in drug trafficking. They arrived in a luxury vehicle. The owner of the car has not yet been located. We are going to reinforce the patrols here in the District of Cacau Pirêra and we are here here to protect the good population”, highlighted Lieutenant Felipe Coelho.


On social networks, Wilgner shared the record of a tattoo made today to his friend Romarinho Mec, called him “brother”.

Victim paid homage, but was also killed

Victim paid tribute but was also killed | Photo: Disclosure

Wilgner’s body was in the hospital’s morgue and was removed by the Forensic Medical Institute (IML) team. The Civil Police must investigate the case.

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Death of the “Witch of Forró”

the forró singer Romário de Jesus, 27 years old, vocalist of the band “Forró di Respelho”, known as “Bruxo”, was shot after a criminal attack on Natividade street, in the Redenção neighborhood, in the Center-West Zone of Manaus. He died after undergoing four hours of surgery.

Family members informed that this is not an execution, but a robbery. “Pass me what you have there. They said. It wasn’t ordered. It was a robbery and they killed him,” said the singer’s wife.

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