Virginia Fonseca buys R$ 7700 thousand pen to “sign contracts”

Virginia Fonseca yesterday showed her followers her new acquisition. The influencer exhibited in Instagram’s stories tool, a Montblanc pen, a special edition in honor of Marilyn Monroe, which costs R$ 7700 thousand, according to the brand’s official website.

“How does a businesswoman not have a f**pen to sign the contracts to come? Which, God willing, will be many. Buying soon from this amazing woman, Marilyn Monroe,” Virginia wrote showing the object.

Virginia sports a very expensive pen - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Marilyn Monroe pen costs BRL 7700 thousand

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

Virginia flaunts her social media lifestyle. Recently, the mother of Maria Alice, 3 months old, the result of her relationship with Zé Felipe, told that she and the singer bought a Jaguar F Pace. The imported car costs from R$ 478 thousand.

“Here at home we have two cars, which belong to my mother. We needed another one because my mother has to go to the hospital, the other goes shopping, and I or Zé Felipe were left without a car. We needed a car. one more car to stay with us, because our family is huge. There’s no way everyone can leave with us in a car because it doesn’t fit, and the advisors who walk with us,” he explained at the time.