WebTVBrasileira hits list of confirmed pawns and prepares for the debut of ‘A Fazenda 13’ | Fabia Oliveira

Marcelo and Tatireproduction

Published 10/09/2021 02:00

The couple Tati and Marcelo, who run the WebTVBrasileira channel, are already preparing for another edition of the reality ”A Fazenda 13′. They recently released a list of the 20 pedestrians quoted to participate in the program, as well as 4 possible names that would be part of the Paiol, a kind of ‘glass house’ of the attraction, in which the public will decide who deserves to go to the headquarters . Tati and Marcelo hit the nail on all 7 participants already announced and confirmed by the broadcaster. Among them are Nego do Borel, the ex-BBB Arcrebiano, Tati Quebra Barraco, Mussunzinho, among others.

There are still thirteen open names to complete the team that will be part of the new edition of the program, which debuts next Tuesday (14). Reference when it comes to commenting on realities, Tati and Marcelo are about to complete 2 million followers on their channel. The duo dominates the live format on the platform and delivers content full of interactivity with the audience. With a lot of good humor, spontaneity and, of course, gossip, Tati and Marcelo have already surpassed the mark of more than 717 million total views in their videos.