Wesley Safadão cannot be quoted by Mileide in A Fazenda

Mileide Mihaile was another name confirmed to be part of the cast of A Fazenda this Thursday morning (8), during the show Hoje em Dia, on Record TV. As the public had already speculated, will the influencer reveal details of her relationship with ex-husband Wesley Safadão? The answer is: No. According to Beyoncé Destroidora’s profile, they both made a deal not to mention him, let alone tell about the post-relationship controversies they got involved in.

Even so, the journalist Fábia Oliveira, during the press conference with the participants drawn this morning, asked about the issue, and told Mileide, live: “Is Yhudy going to stay with his father or with Thyane?”. The influencer was embarrassed, but replied: “No, actually he will stay with his father and my mother”, she said. However, Léo Dias had already told in his column about the plan to remove the child from his stepmother.

Léo tells that she hired her own mother, Dona Doralice, to take care of the 10-year-old boy. And according to his sources, Mileide doesn’t even want her child under the care of the current wife of Wesley Naughty. Mileide says she lives in harmony with Thyane, but the reality is totally different. At the time, the press office told Léo that they would not comment on the matter, and the influencer’s mother claimed that everyone lived in harmony.

Mileide and Wesley Safadão had troubled years. The two staged a legal fight on account of the delays in the pension of the former couple’s son, which, according to her, the singer was late. During an interview with columnist Erlan Bastos, Wesley stated that he asked his ex-wife’s forgiveness.“We don’t have much contact, but, thank God, the contact we have is about our son”, he said.

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“We talk every day. When he’s with his mom, we talk every day. When he’s here, he talks to his mother. So that’s the situation. We talk about what we have in common, which is our son”, he said. Also in the interview he mentioned about the fights he had with Mileide in the past and they tried to convert the situation so that it would be healthy for their son.

“I’m rooting for the relationship we have, go super calm, that’s what I want. Even for our child’s well-being, for our child’s mental health. I think we’ve been through a lot more than we needed to”, explained Wesley. Shortly thereafter, another subject was made to Erlan. Marriage to Thyane Dantas, with whom he had two children, Ysis, age 6, and Dom, age two. At the time, there were rumors that the relationship would be shaken and he commented.

“I won’t say that I don’t have challenges with my wife, but I can say that since 2016, when we decided to get married, on August 1st, I never slept fighting with my wife”, he said. Rumors about the crisis in the relationship surfaced in April of this year, but as he said, it was not true.