Where did your iconic celebration come from? Craque remembers the 1st time he did it and explains

Back to Manchester United 12 seasons, Cristiano Ronaldo it has one of the most iconic goal celebrations in world football: run, jump, 180-degree spin, spread-legged landing and a shout of “siiii!”.

The traditional celebration of the Portuguese star in recent years was imitated by one of the new teammates last weekend. After scoring against Andorra for England, Jesse Lingard copied the CR7 ritual.

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The famous celebration, now held by Cristiano Ronaldo in most of the goals he scores, came naturally. The 1st time was still in 2013, when the Portuguese ace still had only one of his five awards for best player in the world.

At the time, in a pre-season tournament in the United States, the Real Madrid won the Chelsea 3-1 with two goals from CR7. The celebration appeared for the 1st time after the 2nd goal, but still without turning his back to the stands.

“I scored the goal and it just went away. It was natural, honestly. Since that time, I started to do it more often,” Ronaldo said in a 2019 interview with the channel. YouTube Soccer.com“.

“I feel like fans and fans look and think ‘Cristiano, siiiiuuuu‘. I think: ‘Wow! People remember me for that.’ That’s good, and I’ll keep doing it,” he said.

Cristiano also said that the origin of the scream is, in fact, the word ‘yes’ in Spanish.

“When we won, everyone said ‘siiii‘ and then I started talking. I don’t know why, it was natural,” he joked.

Back at United after 12 seasons, Cristiano Ronaldo has yet to make his debut for the club. In the 2021/22 season, the forward played in a match for Juventus and another for the Portugal selection, in which he scored two goals.

Manchester United returns to the field this Saturday (11), when they face the Newcastle, at 11 am (GMT), in Old Trafford, by the Premier League, with exclusive transmission to subscribers Star+.