Whindersson and Felipe Neto trade barbs for investment in football; Understand · TV News

Whindersson Nunes decided to answer an internet user who questioned him about a possible investment in Vasco da Gama, the comedian’s team, using the argument that Felipe Neto invested in Botafogo, his team. YouTuber disdained the request by citing the social projects it financed and received a hint from the rival.

“At Botafogo, Felipe Neto and Marcelo Adnet helped financially to hire Rafael, a good reinforcement for the sequence of the championship. It’s time for Whindersson Nunes to spend his millions with Vasco, join with another famous Vasco and bring Coutinho back “, suggested a humorous profile of the club on Twitter.

“I’m financing a search for an engine adapted for any type of wheelchair and a device that leaves a fluorescent stain in the potholes of the roads so that nobody gets in an accident at night, since they don’t cover the potholes”, listed Luísa’s ex-husband. Sonza.

“I’m not going to spend anything on the team, just root for it,” he concluded. Felipe Neto’s fans understood the comment as a stab and began to defend him. Hours later, the YouTuber himself countered Whindersson’s speech in an indirect way.

“I make donations to all kinds of institutes, NGOs and movements. I invested almost R$ 1 million in the creation of the Vero Institute for digital education. I created the Cala Boca Já Died movement, in support of people persecuted for their opinion”, listed Luccas Neto’s brother. “And I’m going to spend it on a team,” added Neto, about his investments with Botafogo.

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