Whindersson asks for empathy and remembers Maria Lina and Karol Conká

The comedian demanded that people understand the true practical meaning of the word empathy and make use of it in life. The answer was given after the presenter Fátima Bernardes broached the subject.

In “Encounter”, the youtuber stated that the word has lost its meaning and that people should be concerned about the people around the attacked figure when talking about understanding.

Whindersson cited rapper Karol Conká, eliminated with a record of rejection of “BBB 21” and attacked on social networks, and his ex-partner Maria Lina, with whom he had a son João Miguel — who ended up dying after childbirth.

The word empathy got lost in the middle of a bunch of words, like love itself. They think it’s only when everyone is detonating someone and you go there to pity them. It’s you thinking about her mother, her father. When we talk about empathy with Karol Conká, it was before saying what everyone was saying, thinking of her mother, with the surroundings. When someone talks about Maria [Lina], that she was with me for this or that, it’s affecting her mother, father, friends, everything around. The guys need to get back to understand the meaning of the word. Look for the real sense for you to treat people better. Whindersson Nunes

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Whindersson Nunes speaks at ‘Meeting with Fátima Bernardes’

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The engagement between Whindersson and Maria Lina ended a month ago, as announced by him.

Maria Lina became the target of attacks on social networks. She exposed that a person called her names and stated that she just wanted fame.

Whindersson told Fátima Bernardes that social media brought a “very big responsibility” and that haters should use the internet to research and gain more knowledge.

Speaking openly about having depression in 2019, Wiindersson went to the program in yellow — in reference to the mental health awareness month — and talked about the difficulty of people around to recognize and the person himself to speak. The comedian pointed out that many still put stigmas on depression, as if it were less serious.

I say I’m sad and they say ‘it’s God’, but they don’t know where I came from. The sadness may not be from today, if you understand, you understand better. That’s the problem, you can’t talk to other people because they think it’s cool. When it hits your car, you feel it. When it passes with you, it’s real. A lot of people may be going through this and you don’t know, the smile is on the front, but the world falls apart, that lot of questioning. It is necessary for the professional to help you indicate the screw you need to fix, the professional. Whindersson Nunes

Pass the ‘zap’, Fatima

Whindersson - Playback/TV Globo - Playback/TV Globo

Fátima Bernardes passes live WhatsApp number to Whindersson Nunes

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The comedian gave a manuscript of his future book to presenter Fátima Bernardes.

According to him, he hasn’t even had the cover printed yet, but he wanted to give a gift to the owner of “Encontro”. After the delivery, Whindersson had Fatima give her cell phone number live.

Put your number here. I’m like my fans, they coerce me, now I’m going to do the same here! Whindersson Nunes