Whindersson Nunes injures biceps during training to fight Popó

Whindersson Nunes revealed to his followers that he has an injury to his right bicep and another to his left scapula. The comedian got injured during training for the exhibition fight he will do against Popó Freitas, in October.

“Today I had an exam that found a lesion on my right biceps, and on the left scapula, I will undergo physical therapy and after the fight with Popó, I will probably have surgery on my arm to pull the muscle back,” he told on Twitter. joked. “I’m too angry, someone is going to have to pay for some diapers or clean the bathroom.”

The comedian explained how the injuries occurred. “It’s not personal, it’s just the wrong time, these injuries are all due to the support of the middle pinky finger of the right hand. Oh, go take it in the c*, the pinky… oh no. Unlucky man, just today.”

Whindersson said he had insomnia and ended up writing songs. “With difficulty sleeping, I made 15 songs to relax and sleep, so I share it with you in a special way, I hope you like it, it’s a new vibe.”

fight display

The joke between Whindersson Nunes and Popó Freitas began in December 2020, when the boxer learned that Whindersson was negotiating with Logan for a fight. The Bahian then decided to challenge the comedian to a fight too – and he accepted.

“If you want to do a real fight, like the other YouTuber did in Mike’s preliminary, challenge me! I’ve been out of action for 3 years… Can you hit me even if it’s a jab on me? Fall in, champion” said Popó on the occasion.

Whindersson responded in the tool stories from Instagram, using a filter that distorts the face: “I want to say, Popó, that I accept and I already have the face that I’m going to be. Because I’m always ahead, I’m early, you know?”, joked. “Tell me when you want it, where you want it and we’ll put it live on my YouTube channel. Bora?”

The exhibition fight is scheduled to take place in October, with no date set yet.