who should present the BBB after the departure of Tiago Leifert from Globo?

Ana Clara, Marcos Mion, Taís Araújo and other names are mentioned by the public; vote

Last night (9), James Leifert announced its departure from Rede Globo. After 16 years working in the house, presenting several programs from sports to entertainment, the journalist will not renew his contract. On the internet, the public has already considered names for the replacement of Tiago Leifert in charge of BBB, big blockbuster.

Around here, we’ve separated some bets that are making the rounds in the Twitter and on other social networks! Vote in our poll: who should present Big Brother Brazil after Tiago Leifert leaves Globo?

Poll: who will present the BBB after Tiago Leifert leaves?

See the audience’s hunches

Ana Clara

Undoubtedly, one of the most quoted names by the public is Ana Clara. The ex-BBB is already a member of the Big Brother Brazil team, presenting the “Chat-Chat with the Eliminated”. The presenter’s charisma and flexibility conquered the hearts of the public, who bet many chips on the redhead after the departure of Tiago Leifert from BBB and Globo.

Marcos Mion

the newly hired Marcos Mion it was also highly rated by public opinion. With a great experience in command of reality shows, the presenter has just left the success that was “Fazenda 12”.

André Marques

After introducing the new format of “No Limite” this year, some fans suspect that André Marques may take over the BBB, but the idea was not very well accepted. The presenter also consolidated his career on Video Show.

Pedro Bial

the comeback of Pedro Bial is also being talked about a lot. The presenter inaugurated the BBB success there in 2002 and remained until 2016. The idea of ​​Bial returning divided opinions.

Fernanda Lima

Fernanda Lima she inaugurated her career as a presenter with her own show, “Amor & Sex”. The show hasn’t been on the air for a while, but fans liked the idea of ​​the blonde running the BBB.

Such Araújo

Such Araújo has already hosted the show “Popstar” and is currently on the show “The Masked Singer Brasil”. The actress’ charisma draws a lot of public attention.

Tata Werneck

Tata Werneck is the public’s darling is not new. Her talk show, “Lady Night”, consecrated the actress as a presenter as well. Tatá’s humor wins fans wherever she goes, who claimed they would love to have her at the head of BBB.

Monica Iozzi

Monica Iozzi is also publicly quoted. The actress presented the “Video Show” for a few years and won many fans.

Thaddeus Schmidt

For many, Thaddeus Schmidt is a name for the BBB’s leadership. The journalist, who is on “Fantástico”, is used to the dynamics of the live program and fans claimed they would love to see him in the entertainment.

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