Why is this the worst time to buy an iPhone

Thinking of buying an iPhone? Better to wait a few days. Apple has scheduled an event for next week an event and everything indicates that it will be the presentation of its new cell phone line, which usually launches in September along with the announcement of new products from the company. The wait-to-buy tip also applies to Apple Watch and iPad, which can also get newer versions.

The reason for this is simple, and it doesn’t matter what your consumer profile is: if you want a state-of-the-art cell phone and have the money for it, it’s worth waiting for the iPhone 13 (named not yet official) to arrive. If you want a smartphone from Apple for a cheaper price, it’s also worth waiting: previous generations tend to have the sale price reduced in partner stores with the arrival of new phones from the brand.

Past prices

In late 2020, when the iPhone 12 was being released, Apple announced the following prices for the smartphone’s debut in Brazil:

  • iPhone 12 mini (64 GB): BRL 6,999
  • iPhone 12 (64 GB): BRL 7,999
  • iPhone 12 Pro (128 GB): BRL 9,999
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB): BRL 10,999

Currently, although they continue to be sold in the official Apple store for similar prices, it is already possible to find them cheaper on retail websites. Prices revolve around the following values:

  • iPhone 12 mini (64 GB): BRL 4,950
  • iPhone 12 (64 GB): R$ 5,570
  • iPhone 12 Pro (128 GB): BRL 7,500
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max (128 GB): R$ 8,029

Generally speaking, Apple tends to reduce the official price of old models soon after the announcement of new iPhones. If Apple’s price drops, the retail price also follows this trend — this drop in value on partner sites turns out to be natural over time as well.

Only in the last year has this pace changed after years. Which should light an alert for anyone looking to invest in the company’s 2020 (or earlier) cell phones. After the launch of the iPhone 12 line, the prices of the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR went up in the brand’s official store. In the 64 GB versions, they went from R$4,999 to R$5,699, and from R$4,299 to R$4,999, respectively.

Without further details, Apple claimed at the time that it was just a “value readjustment”. Most likely, the price of the devices has been affected by the rise in the dollar. As the dollar is still above R$5, it is possible that, once again, we will not have an “official” drop in prices. The way will be to search on retail websites. The chance will be greater of finding the previous versions for lower prices.

Release date and price

Two US journalists specializing in Apple-related scoops, Max Weinbach and Mark Gurman, hinted on Twitter about the proximity of the new iPhones. As stated earlier, September is the month these ad events always happen — just last year it was October, postponed due to the covid-19 pandemic.

According to Weinbach, Apple stores have also stopped receiving 40 and 44 mm bracelets for the Apple Watch. The explanation for this would be that the new watches about to be announced would not be compatible with these bracelets.

Gurman confirmed that stocks of wristbands in these sizes are low. In addition, he added that the 8th generation iPhones 12 and iPads are also running out, without replacement. He also stated that the sales teams at these stores are receiving training to activate the eSIM, the virtual chip, which would be another sign that the new iPhones are coming.

But how much should they cost? Although we don’t have a way to tell yet, consulting firm TrendForce estimates that the releases are not too far apart in terms of price compared to the 13th generation.

Prices should vary, therefore, from US$ 699 (R$ 3,623 without taxes) to US$ 1,099 (R$ 5,696 without taxes), from the mini version to the Pro Max version. In Brazil, however, the ideal is to take into account the iPhone 12 arrival prices in the country, and not the simple conversion, since the “Apple dollar” is different from the normal exchange rate.

iPad and Apple Watch

The long-awaited iPhone launch event could also be the stage for the announcement of new iPads and a new Apple Watch, if the rumors are correct. Therefore, it is also worth waiting for the new generation to arrive before investing in current models.

The eighth generation iPad arrived in the country last year at a cost of R$ 3,999, for the wi-fi model; and R$5,599 for the wi-fi + 4G model. Currently, tablet models are already available in e-commerce for R$3,309 (only wi-fi) and R$4,379 (with 4G).

The Apple Watch, in turn, is in its sixth generation. The Apple Watch Series 6 model arrived costing R$ 5,299, while the Watch SE model, more economical, arrived at R$ 3,799. Today, they cost, respectively, around R$2,935 and R$2,149.