Widow of Paulinho, from Roupa Nova, announces pregnancy | celebrities

Elaine is pregnant with Paulinho

Elaine is pregnant with Paulinho

Widow of Paulinho, from Roupa Nova, took fans by surprise by announcing that she is expecting her first child with her husband. Paulinho died in December 2020 victim of Covid-19. Elaine Soares announced the pregnancy on Monday (6), the day Paulinho would have his birthday.

On social media, the widow said she used the singer’s frozen gametes for fertilization. She said that this is the greatest gift for the singer and for her. Elaine questions whether her husband remembered the gametes that were frozen and that only she would be allowed to use them. “Yeah, soon our baby will be here,” he said.

Elaine became pregnant in the midst of a legal dispute over the singer’s inheritance. According to information, the singer’s older children are shocked by the news. Lisa, has already changed the Instagram bio. “God is good all the time,” she updated.

According to information provided by Twigg and Pedro Paulo’s businesswoman to QUEM magazine, she is fighting in court because she was not included in the singer’s inventory, highlighting having spent 16 years in a stable relationship with Paulinho.

According to the businesswoman, she is dependent on Paulinho in the Income Tax for Individuals and, in fact, has already been registered with the INSS to be entitled to a pension.