With Messi’s hat-trick, Argentina runs over Bolivia at home

After the suspension of the game against the Brazilian team, last Sunday, at Neo Química Arena, in São Paulo, Argentina returned to the field for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, but this time at home, at Monumental de Núnez stadium. With the return of the fans, who filled a good part of the stands, Messi, the guy in the game, did not disappoint his fans. Author of all the goals, the ace practically shone on Thursday night, guaranteeing a 3-0 victory for Albiceleste.

With the result, Lionel Scaloni’s team reached 18 points, remaining in the vice-leadership. On the other hand, the team coached by César Farias, due to the setback, ended up in 9th place with their 6 points added so far.

Argentina opens the scoreboard at the beginning

Asserting their field command, especially with the fans coming back in the stands, Argentina did not want to do anything wrong in the duel against Bolivia. Thus, he started the confrontation by imposing pressure on the opponent who, in turn, barely managed to touch the ball.

Messi, on an inspired night, did not give his opponent a chance in Buenos Aires (Photo: Press Release/Twitter CONMEBOL)

Messi, on an inspired night, did not give his opponent a chance in Buenos Aires (Photo: Press Release/Twitter CONMEBOL)

Photo: Throw!

With time passing, at 13 minutes, after some insistence, Albiceleste opened the count with Lionel Messi. And it was a great goal for the player. After receiving a pass outside the area, the shirt 10 left the mark giving a pen and hit the angle of goalkeeper Carlos Lampe.

Clients followed at the same pace

With the goal scored, the Argentines were not willing to take advantage with just the minimum score. Even the additions, despite the countless chances created by Messi and Lautaro Martínez, the Bolivians, who only arrived once with Henry Vaca, but who ended up kicking the ball over Musso’s crossbar, were saved from suffering a rout in the initial stage .

Who stopped the guy?

Excited by the goal scored, Messi practically did not give peace to the team commanded by César Farias. With time passing in the second stage, in addition to the little effectiveness in the changes promoted by the rival coach, the PSG ace insisted on all sides of the field getting rid of the marking when he could, until at 18 minutes, he shook the net again. After a table with Lautaro, he received in front to submit, but ended up having his shot pressed on the first attempt, managing to catch the rebound, beating Pelé’s record (with 77 goals with the Brazil shirt in official games), reaching 78th of his career with the shirt of Argentina.

And do not stop there! In the final stretch of the game, with the visiting team practically delivered on the field, without being able to create effective moves, Lionel did not forgive. At 42 minutes, the striker gave final numbers to the game, reaching the 79th goal and, in addition, maintaining the team’s unbeaten record in the CONMEBOL tournament.



Date and time: 09/09/2021, at 8:30 pm (Brasilia)

Local: Monumental de Núñez Stadium in Buenos Aires (ARG)

Referee: Kevin Ortega (PER)

Assistants: Michael Orué (PER) and Coty Carrera (PER)


Yellow Cards: Villarroel, 30’/1ºT; Haquin, 24’/1st T

Goals: Messi, 13’/1ºT (1-0); Messi, 18’/2ºT) (2-0); Messi, 42’/2ºT (3-0)

ARGENTINA: Musso; Molina, Pezzella, Otamendi, Acuña; De Paul, Paredes, Di María, Messi and Papu Gómez (Joaquín Correa, 16’/2ºT); Lautaro Martinez.

(Technician: Lionel Scaloni)

BOLIVIA: Lampe; José Sagredo, Quinteros, Haquín, Jusino (Roberto Fernández, 22’/2nd T and Jesus Sagredo; Justiniano, Villaroreal (Ramiro Vaca, at halftime) and Saavedra; Henry Vaca Marcelo Moreno.

(Technician: César Farias)